Why startups have a good work culture

We all often talk about how the startups are popping up around every corner, but seldom do we talk about why these startups are so popular amongst the youth. Why does the youth of the country prefer working in a startup over working in a well established MNC? And why is it that these people believe that they have a better life in startups even after having to face the danger of getting sacked every now and then? Well, the answer to the questions above is a good work culture.


The young people

The first reason is that everybody in a startup is almost of the same age, including the bosses. The people who make the rules and the people who follow them are the same age, so there is a smaller communication gap. Also, they understand each other because they’re mostly going through the same phase in life. Thus, the bosses in startups are more empathetic towards their employees than bosses in MNCs.

 Work hard, play harder

The best part about startups is that people know when you don’t have work and allow you to do better things with your time. Most of the startup offices already have gaming kiosks or a pool or a TT table installed within the office premises. These little little things keep a person interested in coming to office even on light days and make friends with new people while playing.

No dress code

In a startup environment, people genuinely believe that it is what is inside your head that matters and not what’s on it. And that is why most of the startups don’t have a particular dress code. They want their employees to be comfortable while they work through days and nights. They don’t want work to seem like school or a punishment to the employees which is why they do away with a formal dress code.


You may be young or a week-old in the office, but if you have done something that is praiseworthy, you will get your share of recognition. This bit is usually missing in bigger workplaces, where a person has to work for years to rise up to a level where people start acknowledging his/her efforts. People in startups call a spade a spade and hence they know each person’s capability and weakness.

Positivity is in the air

The bosses are not bossy and the employees are not losers. Everybody learns from their mistakes and works together towards a bigger goal. And if that is not enough, the party after a the project completion is certainly motivating enough to keep a person working through the night. There is almost no hierarchy, so working becomes easier and goals are achieved sooner.

Work-life balance

Probably the only workplace where people believe in work-life balance. People who work in startups are hard working but they also know how to let it loose and that is why when they work for nights at a stretch, they go back and party like total maniacs to restore the balance. They believe in extremes, maybe because they’re young but they sure know how to pamper themselves. And why would anybody complain about that?

It is because of all this and a lot more that the youth prefers startups to a corporate setup. Having the freedom to work the way you want to not only increases the productivity, but also keeps the employees happy and comfortable. It is because of this that startups see success faster than the regular corporate companies.


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