How to stay healthy when you’re busy

Health is the first thing that goes for a toss when a person starts getting busy. We often go about making our schedule a little more relaxing and trying to find out time to do things that we like doing and eat whatever makes us happy. What we forget in the hindsight is how all of this will affect our health, how we find time to keep ourselves happy but not healthy. At this time, a small change in our lifestyle can do us great good.

How to stay Healthy at work

So here are a few things that you can keep a check on, to make sure you stay healthy even when you’re crazy busy.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier

Waking up in the morning after working late last evening could be a problem for most but with just 20 minutes of less sleep, you can do a lot more with your day. In 20 minutes flat, you can work out enough to start taking baby steps towards a healthy lifestyle and be a more active human being during the day. These 20 minutes will take away your fatigue, give you a burst of energy and make your morning less miserable. You can do stretching exercises, running, skipping or whatever suits you the best.

A healthy breakfast

Running to work because you’re late, is a usual thing in the mornings. The only ill effect this has is that you often tend to skip breakfast and there is nothing more unhealthy than that. Start taking your breakfast seriously. It should be healthy, heavy and accompanied by shakes or smoothies. Cereals, fruits, milk, all are welcome! Make sure your tummy is full when you go to work, this will keep you from getting irritable and keep your health in check.

Carry your meals to work 

If you’re somebody who can carry your meals to work, then nothing like it. It not only gives you a control over your diet, but also helps you plan your meals ahead of time. Planned meals, at the right time, will make sure you become healthier and eat only what is good for you. Food from outside, or junk may seem really delicious, but it will make your body weaker and fatter with time and that is something that you won’t like after a particular time. Try and eat small portions after every 2 hours, this will keep your body healthy and your metabolism rate at its peak.

Peaceful sleep

After all of the above is done, you need to bring your sleep cycle under control too. An adult needs at least 6 hours of uninterrupted peaceful sleep in order to function properly the next day. The biggest reason behind fatigue and irritability is usually lack of sleep or disturbed sleep. Make sure that you get a good sleep after a long day of hard work, you know you owe yourself that much. Use of cell phones should ideally be stopped around this time and reading a book would be more healthy and helpful.

Health is the most important thing in one’s life. If a person is not healthy, he/she will not be able live with as much vigor as he/she should. So ignoring your health is almost like giving up on life. Thus, to enjoy life, one should never let health take a back seat, because with it goes your happiness, comfort and peace of mind. No doubt work is important, but it is never more important than your well-being. So make sure you draw that line and keep taking out time to keep your health in check.


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