Strengthening of vocational training in India

The only thing about India, which needs major transformation is the education system. The education system has been going on for centuries without changing even once, hence, leaving behind various changes that it should have undergone from time to time according to the needs of the changing society. The current society is one in which people learn more by experience rather than sitting in the classes and reading information off books. The books and the conventional idea of education is good but only upto a certain age group, post that one should start focusing on the skill that he/she needs to develop in order to make a living or follow their dream.

Current Education System

The current education system focuses only on making students learn the basics of everything without taking into account the interest of the child.

Compulsory subjects

We all have been there when the government had made certain subjects compulsory for students in classes. The only problem with this is that information is fed into the brains of the students without thinking whether they want to learn it and if it is of their interest or not. This is also a reason why most of the students switch off while studying, because not everything interests the kids.

Personality development

The schools barely focus on personality development, all they care about is the marks. Many children have parents and teachers who claim that the kid is good for nothing based solely on their marks, the kid who might be a great sportsman, singer or a dance is forced to believe that he is a loser and is weak in comparison to his counterparts.

No Forceful learning

The child is forced to learn around 8 subjects out of which barely one of two are of his/her interest. The overall performance of the kid gets affected by this and the kid gets demoralized. We should realize that the kid should be pushed in the field that he likes and is capable of doing good in.

Need to Strengthen vocational training

The reason we feel vocational education is the answer to the problems in the education system is because the children will learn what they really want to. A person who wishes to hone a skill will go to that class, he will be passionate and interested in learning. In the face of the current education system which forces the kid to mug up a few formulas to score marks in exams, even if the child hates it, vocational training will give the child hands on experience of the things that he/she always wanted to do and this will only make them more confident and help them perform better.

Advantages of vocational training are :

  1. A child will be able to learn the things of his/her interest.
  2. The child will remain focused and will be able to choose an optional course if he/she wants to keep other options open. They will be taught about their particular subjects of interest in detail.
  3. This will also develop the personality of the kid and help them understand the way the work in the real world is done. They will also be brought in contact with the stalwarts of their fields of interest.
  4. The child will be passionate about learning more and thus, will give his/her 100 percent which will lead to better performance and results.
  5. Not everybody is good in studies, people have their own talents. This system of education will give the kids a chance to prove their worth. Also, this will bring a closure to the number game.

Vocational training will only help the child in realizing his/her caliber in the field of their interest. If they are trained from the beginning, then there is very less room for failure and the kid will be content and happy. The kid will also remain focused and he will have lesser doubts about his/her future. It will be a boon for other students who are naturally good at various things other than studies. Talent and having a skill will get the appreciation they deserve.


  1. Vocational education is seen as an answer to a large number of the problems of India. Currently, we are having a lot of people in wrong places and this is nothing less than wasting the potential resource. Say engineering. We Indians first do engineering and then decide the career and starts to discover the passion. What if we offer a direct opportunity for the youngsters to do so at an early age?

  2. One thing why we all blame Indian education system for is the inability of stepping out of the booksto preach the students. We are becoming a country whose students are more of the bookworms and not street smart. The kind of environment the world is marching ahead to needs more of the smart people! For this, it is our duty to introduce the vocational education in our curriculum to enable students to follow their interests.


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