How stressful is it living in a big city like Delhi ?

It is both a blessing and a boon to live in a large city. An urbanised, large city is a world in itself. A city like Delhi especially, seems to have no limits in terms of boundaries and population. It is big, bustling, and extremely self- sufficient. It provides so many opportunities and so much exposure. Such cities have a cosmopolitan society, people from all regions of the country and all walks of life are present around you. While all these aspects are symbols of development, they can also cause stress for the residents. In making lives more comfortable, such development often escalates to ‘overdevelopment’ and ends up causing a lot of distress to the city’s inhabitants.



Here are some observations on the same:


Traffic and Distances

A major complaint of residents of large cities is the constant heavy traffic on roads. The traffic jams cause delays, frustration, and extreme stress in addition to noise and air pollution. In a hurry to reach places, most people do not follow traffic rules, which causes even more trouble on road that at times, even leads to fatal accidents. The large distances between any two points in the city is another factor for stress, since the long commute in bad traffic is viewed as a hassle.

Crime in the City

Mass migration from rural to urban lands, unemployment, poor literacy, and financial worries- all of these have led to an increased rate of crime in the big cities. Most people stress about the safety of their households and loved ones when staying in large cities, because the cosmopolitan society brings about its own disadvantages: robberies, rapes, and murders are becoming daily news.

Pollution and Population

With a host of opportunities, large cities are also home to a large crowd of people. Roughly 18 million people inhabit Delhi. Heavily populated towns bring in their own set of problems- lack of space, excessive use of limited resources, and crimes. In a similar way, the bulky population is bound to increase pollution levels in the city. Light, sound, air, water, and noise pollution- these impact the mental and physical well- being of the people in cities like Delhi

Health Issues

 Electromagnetic rays in the environment cause disastrous effects on health. Researchers have suggested that these electro-magnetic fields maybe found to be the cause of many health problems such as headaches, digestive problems and even cancers. The pollution levels being high, the air around you itself affects your hair and skin. All these problems cause high amounts of stress and frustration.

Fast Pace of Life

Hustling and bustling 24/7, Delhi and other such metropolitan cities never sleep. Crowds are around all the time and peace and quiet are hard to find. The pace of life being this fast, anxiety and stress levels are at their peak. People experience turbulence in their daily routines and family life that causes unrest and upheaval in their minds. Communication is minimal and relaxation, rare.


Although it is not easy living in a large city, there are a number of ways through which you can induce positivity and happiness in your life. Lowering your stress levels is in your hands, so you must work on relaxing your body and mind by doing the following:

  1. Delegate your duties and share your workload. This applies to both your personal and professional lives. Many of us wish to take full control of our job and duties, and find it hard to relinquish control. You must seek help from your trusted ones and lighten your workload, in case you feel it is becoming a burden on you.
  2. Manage your time correctly. Prioritize your work. Half your stress will vanish if you start accepting that you can’t build Rome in one day. Keep a balanced routine and plan your day in a fashion which gives you sufficient flexibility. While planning your chores for the day, keep in mind that some imponderable delays caused by traffic or other unexpected hurdles may occur. You are doing your best. Relax.
  3. Keep healthy habits and a positive attitude. Your work and other commitments are transient. They do not define who you are. What define you are your nature and your outlook towards life. So keep your spirits up. Exercise daily, eat healthy food, take 6-8 hours of sleep, and maintain healthy distractions from the otherwise stressful lifestyle. Also, refrain from unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking. They cause harm more than they ‘relieve’ your stress.
  4. Take out time for yourself. Each individual deserves to take time off; and you should definitely pull out at least an hour daily to pursue whatever you wish to do. This activity can be anything- reading, yoga, meditation, gym workouts, swimming, watching movies; do anything as long as it benefits your health and gives you peace of mind. Refresh and rejuvenate your senses.
  5. Spend quality time with your family and loved ones. They will definitely help you bust your stress levels. Periodically, go on outings or trips so that you experience a change of scenery and routine.

It is your life. You are the anchor. No matter where you live, you can always choose the way you wish to live your life. Make the significant changes, invite happiness to your life, and wave goodbye to stress.


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