Suzuki Intruder review – The muscular challenger to the Bajaj Avenger

The Suzuki Intruder is a known name in the Indian market. Motorcycle enthusiasts know the name very well because it is the flagship cruiser of the Suzuki in India that sells with the name of Suzuki Intruder M1800. The first manufacturer to become successful by scaling down motorcycle was Yamaha who launched the Yamaha YZF-R15, the scaled down version of the Yamaha YZF-R1. Will the latest motorcycle in the market will able to replicate the similar success? Let’s find out.


How does it look?

Well, pretty interesting as we see it. Suzuki calls it just the Intruder without any prefix or suffix. The name Intruder has been related to the bulky motorcycle since ages and Suzuki have done pretty well to make the new bike look similar to the flagship Intruder.

The motorcycle receives a lot of bulgy plastic parts that mimic the muscles of the Intruder.

The overall looks are way out of proportion, and a more realistic design would have been prefered by many. The motorcycle also gets one-into-two upswept exhaust that looks massive.

Even with the oversized body panels, the new Intruder looks attractive from certain angles. The motorcycle does have a street presence, and one can’t deny that it attracts a lot of eyes on the road. It Intruder looks premium too.

The motorcycle gets a fully digital speedometer, similar to the Gixxer. It also gets a neat looking tail lamp with LED inserts.


The Intruder is powered by the tried and tested 155cc engine of the Gixxer. It is extremely smooth and has a good, thick power band. The low-end torque of the engine is quite strong which gives the Intruder a nice pull. There is no vibration in the bike.  The engine produces about 14.5 Bhp and 15 Nm, which feels adequate for a daily commuter but it can feel a bit underpowered on the highways. It gets a five-speed manual transmission and a light clutch.

Suzuki says that they will soon launch the FI version of the Intruder, which is expected to be more powerful.

The braking duty is taken care by a 266mm front disc with dual callipers and a 220mm rear disc. The ABS is available as standard, and the braking feels very sharp and can bring the motorcycle to stop very quickly.

The Intruder also feels very stable. It gets front forks and a monoshock at the rear. The ride quality is quite firm on the rough roads, and one can experience a lower back pain due to the stiff rear suspension.

Should you buy it?

The Intruder is priced at Rs. 98,340, ex-showroom, Delhi, The customers will get the Bajaj Avenger 150 at much lower price, and they can also go for the Avenger 220, which will offer much more power than this. However, the styling inspired by the Intruder M1800 is something that will help this bike gain attention on the roads.

If you want, do city riding mostly then this would be a good choice. If highways are something that invites you often, then the Avenger 220 will be a better option.


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