Taking care in the first trimester of pregnancy

However, the whole prenatal period is precious during which the lady should take proper care and cautions but what is more crucial is the first trimester of pregnancy that is like building up a strong foundation for the baby inside the womb. The first semester includes the week 1 to week 12 or about 3 months.  This is the prime time of the pregnancy when many significant developments are taking place such as; the placenta is developing, the foetus takes an initial form with large dark eyes, the mouth, jaw line is also developing in the first four weeks, blood cell are formed and blood circulation also starts. By the end of the 2nd month the foetus tends to have a fully developed neural tube, brain, spinal cord, neural tissues and the central nervous system, the facial features are still continuing to develop in this month but in fact by the end of 2nd month the digestive tract, sensory organs, ears, arms and legs begin to develop.

And by the end of the 3rdmonth (week 12) the foetus is fully developed and formed, now the baby has a mouth, hands with closed fists, arms, toes and legs. During week 12 the fingernails and toenails and reproductive organs also begin to develop, by the end of this 3rd month the liver of the baby begins to produce bile and the urinary and circulatory system also start working. Thus, this is an immensely important period during which the pregnant woman must take a good care of her physical as well as mental health. Following are the tips for her to remember:

  1. Follow a healthy and nutritious diet routine: diet should be reviewed and replaced with healthy and nutritious food ingredients. Fruits, green vegetables, milk, dairy products, cereals and green leafy food items should be added to the meals, a pregnant lady should avoid fatty and oily food items.
  2. Rest is required:  during the first semester the pregnant lady might feel extreme lethargy, sickness and dullness thus taking ample of rest is very important. The pregnant lady should avoid strenuous activities during the first three months; if the lady is working then she should strictly stick to her basic routine instead of experimenting with the same.
  3. Quick Remedies and proper medication: during the first three month many of the pregnant women complaint against tendency of vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness which all are just temporary symptoms. Lime water, orange juice, or simple ORS can be taken immediately as the quick remedy to deal with the aforesaid symptoms. However, no medication should be taken without the permission and information of the doctor but the basic medications or supplements being prescribed (folic acid tablets, vitamins, calcium tablets) must not be missed.
  4. Music and meditation: listening to music and trying out some meditation practice are quite helpful during the first semester because this phase is actually full of happenings particularly inside the womb thus, music and meditation will help the pregnant lady to relax and lessen the symptoms like mood swings, irritation and emotional turmoil. Many women complaint to develop depression during this initial period and tend to become emotionally weak because of the drastic hormonal changes.
The first trimesters plays a very important role in pregnancy because during these months only the most critical and crucial development of the baby is taking place, the body, its organs, digestive, neural and reproductive system is beginning to develop and work and moreover this is time when the chance of miscarriage are more prominent but if proper care and precautions are being taken the chances of miscarriage also drop down.


  1. The first trimester is crucial in several terms for any pregnant lady. The development of the embryo, development of the placenta and many more. First thing first, this period will never come back. The basic idea of pregnancy is to grow and thus, ensure that your growth is not hampered in any way. If you are looking to settle the lives of yourself and your child in a long run, DO NOT IGNORE THE FIRST TRIMESTER.


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