How to Teach your Child to be Optimistic?

The Sun never stops radiating its light. Sometimes the light dulls and at other times it brightens. Even in the night, the Sun radiates through the moon and the glimmering stars.

Optimistic Children

Teaching your child optimism is one of the best presents you can give him or her. There will be pitfalls in the child’s life from which the child must necessarily learn to pick himself or herself up. Initially, you teach the child to stand up while she is learning how to walk but after that, it is better to teach the child to stand up on her own. Teaching the child to stand up on her own is also important because the child needs to learn from her mistakes. The child needs to understand that after every sunset, there is a sunrise. Here are some of the things you could do to make optimism a part of your child’s personality.

Read happy endings- Make the child read stories and tell them stories that end on a note of positivity. Make them watch biographical films of people who have emerged happily after their struggles.

Teach them to see- There is light in darkness. Whenever the child is falling down, he should ask himself questions such as: “What are the things you should be grateful for?”; “Does the world end here?”;” What are the aspects of life that you have not seen?”

Teach them wisecracks– Teach the wisecracks such as:” Look for the good in every situation and every person, you will almost always find it;” “Every cloud has a silver lining”(from literature) “Lights will guide you home;” “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”; “We shall overcome”(from songs). Sing such songs with them!

Understand the temporariness– The child should be able to understand that every phase of life is temporary. Life can seem extremely hard but giving up and having suicidal thoughts are not going to help.”Because the phases of life are temporary, the child should be taught to take them lightly and in an easy way.

Be an example yourself- Children learn from the actions of their parents. Basically, they learn what they see. It is ingrained in them to trust and follow their primary care-givers. This makes your actions very important. Be the example yourself! Keep up your spirits in times of crisis so that the child learns the same.

Use cues – Your home is your source of hope and light. Fill your home with objects that have happy memories attached with them. Make your home a better place for the child. Make it an emotional and physical ‘home’.

Life is not a straight-line trajectory. Problems are inevitable and are a part and parcel of life. Tell the child ,again and again, that he will be able to surpass the difficulties and face the challenges. Once the child inculcates this attitude, he or she will emerge as an optimistic and hopeful person.

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