The Changing Times

The times they are a-changin’! Well, thanks to Bob Dylan, if not in 1964, then some decades later, we certainly see the change. Likes, dislikes, habits, beliefs, ideas, wants, desires, taste, dreams, wishes, everything is changing. It may be because the new generation is taking over or it may be because the change is so apparent, that it is overshadowing everything else. The time is changing. The people are owning up.

The nation wants to know!

Leaving behind the image of being ignorant, we have moved from knowing jackshit about what is happening in the world to subscribing to everything that is even remotely newsy. We feel it is our duty to know what the world is going through. We think we have the right to have an opinion about it, to comment about it on social media and sign petitions which don’t really make any difference. We poop while reading the news, eat while gulping the news, get ready while watching the news and sip tea while drinking the news. Yes, we have become all newsy, our interests are changing.

Huge appetite for art

Who thought that a time would come when we, the Indians would want to watch sensible cinema. Tired of watching the same love story merged into various other genres like horror, suspense or even comedy, we want some hardcore material to digest. Something that satisfies our hunger for creativity and blows our mind. Yes, we have started expecting a lot, our intellect is changing.

How you doin’? 😉

The sick lovers who were once identified to be creeps or maniacs to people who have an unbendable stick for a spine. From being completely dependent on a single person to changing partners, according to wants, we have started catering to our needs to the T. From looking for a life partner on matrimonial sites to making an account on Tinder. Yes, we want contentment, our needs are changing.

Being tech-savvy

Instead of going to a person’s house and ringing the bell, calling and telling them that you’re outside. From calling people to wish them on their birthdays to wishing them on Facebook. From watching songs on MTV to Youtube-ing every single artist. From sending a letter to Whatsapping the details, and from a formal family photo to a groupfie. The availability of resources is insane, our choices are changing.

Fashion Nazis

We have graduated from not caring if somebody is wearing torn or old clothes to defining every single fashion move. From wearing whatever was in sight to being casually dressed carefully, the Indians know their fashion right. We all want to look extremely fashionable whether we are dressed to go to a party in a gown and stilettos or to go to bed in jammies and slip ons. Yes, we want to be fashionable, our personality is changing.

Bring a plate of each!

People who once used to live on whatever was cooked in their homes have now started living on particular diets. Varied menus and cuisines attract us and we feel we should know the taste, or at least the name, of everything edible on the face of this earth. Yes, we care about what we eat, our taste is changing.

Book whores

And well, from monthly subscription to Mills and Boon and Grehshobha to Murakami and Jhumpa Lahiri. From newspapers to websites, from boring, long, sleep inducing articles to listicles. The biggest blow to our former generations, the literature we gorge on is evolving, our reading habits are changing.

We are becoming independent, wiser, resourceful, smarter. From chitthi to mail, antenna to buffering, Orkut to Tinder, leaded to unleaded, say cheese to selfie, everything is getting transformed. And it did not happen overnight, it took us a good 3-4 decades to reach a point where we can say our world is quite developed. It’s about time we developed ourselves too. Let’s ride on the time express and embrace whatever is coming our way.


  1. It is often said that change is the only permanent thin in the world. This was the first thing that struck my mind after reading this article. Indian times has seen a massive change in all the fields. Be it the art or architecture, land or the sky, cinema or the theatre; we have started to accept and expect more than usually being served by the mainstream. Glad to be a witness of this transition period.


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