The Importance Of Voting And Democracy

What is it that pushes us as individuals? What is it that pushes us even more than the anger that our parents felt reading the newspaper in the morning?
It’s high time we realize the call of duty and do something, and stand up for the right and fight the long hard battle against the wrong. We currently live in a state where reading about 10,000 crore scam does not affect us, but a 100 crore movie does. We are being looted right out of our pockets and all we do is looking the other way, and at best, we defend ourselves by saying “what can I do? I am just one man against the whole system.”


The answer is simple, “Vote”. Vote not because your favorite movie star or cricket player advertises for it. Vote because that is the least you can do, and the most you can do.

Growing up in this country, we are taught to not be angry, not throw tantrums, and follow the rules as blindly as we can. And the more blindly we can follow, the more ‘obedient’ we are. But we forget who we are. We are human beings. And it’s alright for us to be angry when something bothers us.
An occurrence of something weird may be acceptable once in a while. But if the same thing dates back to our forefathers’ days, and has affected them through all caste, religious and class barriers, then I think it’s okay to let the anger boil over. We need to know the importance of Voting and democracy.

Imagine a world where you are proud of the country you belong to. Imagine a country where the news channels are only taking pride in the amazing feats that our athletes, scientists and businessmen achieve. Look at the past, we have the richest heritage of them all. We’ve accepted everyone with open arms. For every Hindu-Muslim fight, there are ten stories of them living in peace and harmony. This country was the best in the world at a point of time. And it can continue being that. All we have to do is vote.

We can be a part of greatness, a part of the strongest nation in the world, we can all have enough money to buy the things we wanted, we will not be afraid to live, for our women’s safety. We can be all we want, and the only change we need to make is to believe that we CAN bring change. Vote, be it for the right or the wrong. At least we can show them our power, show them that we vote not for our religion, but for the good. And we all will see a positive change, and we will be a proud part of it.

Things always need to be changed and no state is perfect, no country or system is perfect. But that does not mean we have to stop trying. No matter what changes in the end, we are surely closer to perfection. We must keep trying to achieve, and some day we will get not what we want, but what we need.

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  1. I have come across many young people who are not so positive about Indian democracy system. “What difference will one vote of mine make?” A popularly heard line from many citizens of the country makes democracy weaker. Everyone must need to understand the importance of voting and democracy. Every vote counts for, in turn, the policies which are made by the parliamentarians are going to impact all our lives. Stand up India, your vote matters!


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