The Spoilt Generation

Spoilt rotten! With books we read, the movies we watched, the sites we surfed and phones we bought. We know it all, we want it all. We can’t settle for the ordinary, it has to be the best and extraordinary. We want our lovers to slit their wrists, cry in pain, write songs for us and fight the villains to win us over, but whenever any of this is happening, we are too busy checking Facebook (How does she look like that in her profile picture?). We see dreams and see them getting shattered when he logs on to Tinder, everyday. We want her to be only ours but we see her falling for DPs on WhatsApp.

The present generation is such a paradox. It is classy yet funky, sober yet crazy, mad yet intellectual. It is old yet it is new. It is a true believer of a utopian society but lives in the state of dystopia. And what, if you may ask, is the reason for this? I’d say the availability of choice. We have so many choices – whether it is the food we want to eat, the friends we want to make, the people we want to go out with or the social networking site we want to log onto, abundance of choice has spoilt India. Whatever we want is just a click away.

I know it sounds like is-this-a-boon-or-a-bane lecture, and it may just be a little bit of that, but more than anything else, it is the reality. We have surpassed all levels of lethargy. We shop online, make friends online, order food online, read books online, watch movies online, sell things online and figure out what we want from life online. I mean, could we get any lamer? How could Google tell us what we want to do with our lives? No wait, that’s Google, it knows everything!

We have become a generation which lives inside their phones and seldom peek out to see if they are about to crash into somebody. Our Facebook page is our identity and it is full of crap. We are all self proclaimed daredevils with a personality which could make people barf! I bet a lot of people wished that job interviews were based solely on what is going viral on the net and is breaking it.

We’ve got to accept the fact that we are smart people but we need to come all out and show it to the world, in real, not through changing profile pictures. We’ve got amazing wit, gift of the gab and what most people lack, brains. Brains that could conquer the world and help it evolve like never before. And if we take time off our cell phones and tabs and keep a tab on what the world is actually going through, we may just be able to save most of it.

I know technology is contagious, it gets you addicted and leaves you craving for more, it is almost like sex but believe me pal, sex is better, any day. Let’s try and begin to feel real things again, let’s not read literature off that screen, let’s hold real books and smell them. Let’s go try on new clothes and see what looks better on us. Let’s go meet new people and talk to them in person to figure out how they really are. Let’s travel to places without network reception and write poetry. Let’s try and be human again and let’s not let the technology, which was made to help us, destroy us.

Image Courtesy : Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Movie Poster, a 2011 Bollywood Romantic comedy film directed by Nupur Asthana, starring debutant actors in the lead role.


  1. I find this article to be the one portraying the exact image of what is happening in the Indian scenario today. The complete game is starting off with a desire to be the coolest of the ‘cool’. Sadly, we have reduced to a point where the number of the likes on the profile picture determines the popularity. Our younger people need to acknowledge the life as it is! The reality of the world is not just so pleasing and is definitely not what the social media portrays.

  2. I like this post but more importantly I want something that young indian generation is poor at. Like ” this generation is busy in their phones, they think of living in this age for their whole life and those rubbish dp’s.” I want you to do some research on how this generation thinks about moving in life and how they think in present college life. What I think is this new generation is foolish and they are goona spoil their future and that of India.


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