They are the young, dynamic, competent; their ideas are fresh and they have the ability to bring forth the unseen changes and newness not only in their lives but in the lives of others as well. Yes! They are the Young Entrepreneurs of India; who have shown to the world that all it takes sheer determination, dedication, intelligence and smartness to change the things and to fulfil the long dreamt desires. In the recent years we have seen many of the young individuals; building up their career in a very unconventional way, their ideologies are not mundane but they have a zeal that is constantly burning inside their hearts to do something different in their world and to show the world that they are different.

 These young individuals have not necessarily come forward from strong family backgrounds but they do possess strong minds; filled with courage and high spirit. These young individuals/entrepreneurs have given a new shape and a boost up to the economy of India with their creative ideas and have made wise and commendable choices by becoming independent and self-employed. Among the crucial employment issues some young individuals have tried to build up their own different career stream by becoming self-employed, they are running their own ventures and projects that have made them financially independent, secured and also outstanding. And what makes them more outstanding is that; irrespective of their young age during which they are supposed to do usual things like focussing on studies, enjoying with the peer group, indulging in recreational activities and so on; in that very young age they have actually become independent and an inspiring figure for the other youngsters.

Following are the few of the top young entrepreneurs of India who despite of their so young age have shown to the world that there is no age bar to bring creativity, improvement and progress in life, if one, truly decides to do something worthy in his/her life then every other factor becomes secondary.

  • King Siddharta: He is just 21 years old a dynamic and a multitalented person, and he has acclaimed his name in India’s top young entrepreneurs. He is an author, speaker (talks about spirituality and entrepreneurship) and a magazine publisher. He began his work as an event manager and organizer but his primary works can be seen as a website designer and website developer (e.g. website
  • Neha Juneja: She is 27 years old and owner of her company named Greenway Grammy Infra that has developed the Greenway smart stoves which are actually the modern cook stove replacements for the traditional mud cook stoves. Neha Juneja’s company has won the BusinessWorld Young Entrepreneur Award in 2011 and the Intel Global Challenge in 2012 with receiving of 50,000 dollars from the Intel Foundation.
  • Farrhad Acidwalla: At the age of 21 he is now the CEO of self-owned company named Rockstah Media that is basically a web development, marketing, branding and advertisement company. Farrhad began his entrepreneurial career at the very young age of 16 when he borrowed 500 bucks from his father to buy a domain to build a web community devoted to aviation and aero-modelling, later on he sold out that web unit at very handsome rates. Today Farrhad is among the top young entrepreneurs of India.
  • Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran: these both brothers probably have been the youngest entrepreneurs of India at the age of 14 and 12 respectively. They are the founders of the Go Dimensions; that is an App Development unit that these techie brothers developed in the year 2011 at their home in Chennai. These two brothers have developed around 11 apps which are available at the Google Play Store as well as at the Apple App Store. There have been over 35,000+ downloads of theirs developed apps so far. Shravan and Sanjay have also given their presentations at the IIM-B and TedX conferences.
  • Phanindra Sama: Phanindra Sama or also known as Phani is the CEO and the co-founder of; that is the India’s largest bus ticketing company. He is basically the CEO of the Pilani Soft Labs Pvt. Ltd that is a Bangalore-based company and was founded by three of his other friends when they were studying in BITS, Pilani. redBus is one of the fastest growing companies in India conveys a survey; and has won India’s best Internet start-up in 2010 by IMAI. Phani was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year under IT, Global Shaper Award in 2011, and also got selected as the High-Impact Endeavour Entrepreneur and TiE Entrepreneur.


The young generation of India is undoubtedly hardworking and curious; they want to explore their hidden dimensions and also want to experience the complexities of life at their own. They have this zeal to become independent in all the terms. This young generation are ready to experiment with their atypical attitudes and believe me, their age is not a hindrance at all rather at very young age they have shown the world how to become one’s own boss and how to run a business at own terms and conditions.



  1. Entrepreneurship is not just an investment to make in a secure future but also a passion for living for! Above mentioned entrepreneurs have certainly done a commendable job and many more such youngsters are making it happen. This is a good fortune for the nation that such people are getting the right platform and despite the odds, they are doing wonders. Thankfully, startups made it to the eyes of the government and “Start-up India, Stand-up India” is one of the new mantras given by the Modi-government. Brace yourself, blueprint coming up this January!


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