is Chanakya Neeti applicable in Today’s Politics of India ?

Acharya Chanakya is considered to be the wisest man in the Indian history. A farsighted philosopher and the knower of Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas, he was the one key player in the establishment of united India under Mauryan dynasty. If the world is acquainted with the names of great rulers like Chandragupta Maurya and Ashok, thanks to the wisdom of this old man. His preaching hundreds of years ago were an outcome of great wisdom and that is why they are applicable in Indian politics even today.

chanakya neeti quotes

Let us see the extent to which is Chanakya neeti applicable in today’s politics!

Good behavior wins even an enemy

Politics, in India, is considered to be the bad men’s game. It is this dirty game being played in the politics that forces the youth to stay out of it. A man of vision, Chanakya gave a simple solution to which has equal relevance in today’s Indian politics. Just be a man of good behavior to win over your enemies for “good behavior wins even an enemy”

The forest fire burns even a tree like sandalwood

A forest fire is notorious for blowing away the mighty of the mightiest. Deriving a reference in lieu to a sandalwood tree, Chanakya quoted this in a beautiful manner. One of the examples of this can be seen in our ex-Prime Minister. An eminent educationist and best economist India ever saw, the former finance minister failed to make a mark there in 10 long years of his reign. Poor fellow prey to the crimes he did not even commit!

No one should ever be disrespected

Disrespect one and you make new enemies for free. If you are to make it big in the field of politics, keep the phrase of Chanakya in mind, always! If you disrespect someone being on the winning side, maybe tomorrow the tables are turned! Be humble, listen to all with equal attention and do whatever you finds appropriate without disrespecting anyone.

Evil person causes harm even if treated well

The beauty of this line needs no explanation. Being a man in politics with a good behavior, one need to understand the fact that no matter whatever goof you do to the haters, you can never expect promising gains. Any evil person with an intention to hamper your image will do so irrespective of whatsoever kindness you bestow upon them! Listen to Chanakya and assure you do not make any mistakes in your political career.

The low-minded people must never be trusted

In politics, you have no friend and no enemy. It is all determined by the time but whom you choose is a point to ponder upon. After multiple interactions with anyone, you can configure the mental status of any individual. Since this profession is a service to the nation, assure that you never put your trust in traitors, low-minded and incapable people. It is better to stay alone than to be with wrong men!

Summarizing, the Chanakya neeti finds its relevance with equal force in Indian politics of 21st century. The power of the words is to an extent which if implemented, can be a pathway to formation of a world leader, INDIA!


  1. One of the best statesmen of the Indian history has been the Acharya Chanakya. The farsightedness of this man is well renowned and the ideas he gave ages ago are relevant even today! In today’s politics, I feel, his ideologies have equal relevance and, in fact, more than ever before. Respect, no malpractices, serve the poor and needy, suppress your enemies and many more! Chanakya Neeti is equally applicable in today’s world simply because of the extra ordinary presentation.


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