Tomorrow belongs to ‘Young India’

With over 65% of its population comprising of youth, India strongly believes that the future is in the hands of the youth. In a recent survey, it was concluded that by 2020, India will have the biggest youth in the entire world. We have everything- the numbers, the power, the talent and the resources. India’s youth is well educated, is made of steel, and has ideas which can blow the world away. The youth is waiting for the correct time to take over the world and India is certainly ready for this development to happen.

1. The workforce of tomorrow – Tomorrow belongs to young India because very soon the other generations will move out of the workforce, handing over the torch to the youth. The youth then, will be the major part of the population contributing to the economy of the our country. Hence, the tomorrow of the country belongs to the youth and depends on the effort they put in to make it better or worse.

2. The new trends – The new trends that are taking off like the start up spree, the NGO joining spree and various others, govern the kind of lifestyle the people of tomorrow will have. Tomorrow belongs to the young India because of the steps that they have taken today rule the future and determine what will the coming generations follow.

3. The development of the nation – The youth is already seriously working towards making the nation more developed and trying to change the mindset of people. Tomorrow belongs to the youth because very soon we will have a population which doesn’t fight for different beliefs and practices. The youth, more or less, echoes the same thoughts, beliefs and duties. The nation tomorrow will be one where we can focus on bigger issues than the fight within the masses.

4. Status of education – The youth is still at an age where they are hungry for more knowledge and education, this education will help them in making an even more solid base for the educational structure of the country. Tomorrow is in the hands of youth because they are studying to make the act of studying better. To make sure the coming generations get proper education and to ensure the quality of education is high.

5. Dreams and wishes – The youth is the one which sets the trends in motion. The latest trend is to follow your dreams and do exactly what makes you happy. Thanks to this beginning, India will soon see a population which works better because they actually like working. The people will be good at their jobs and there won’t be a single case where people would be doing something only because they are told to.

6. Religion – Religion will stop coming in the way of sanity, the younger India is very clear as to where the line should be drawn, they are spiritual, religious but they are not fanatics. They don’t let religion or rites and rituals run their lives. They worship the lord, but they don’t want this to affect the environment or their own sentiments.

This youth might just be the most daring and the most revolutionary humans of our country. They have brought in such a tremendous change which will change the way Indians live for decades to come. To overcome this change probably an even stronger batch of young Indians will be required. The best thing so far is that none of the changes are frivolous, we all saw it coming, but just did not have the courage which the current youth possesses.


  1. Young India is not just the one which likes and comments and is active on the social media. But young India is also the one which works in the fields day and night to feed the entire country. Young India is also the one which guards the borders of the country in the toughest geographical locations. Our country belongs to that every youngster which aims to work for the country to let it reach on the top.


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