Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask During Job Interviews

The best of interviews are conversational instead of a formal question-answer session. If you have already had some experience with interviews, you must know that a section of the interview is reserved for your questions. Once the interviewer is done questioning and assessing you, he will always throw a “do you have any questions for us?” at you. You must always take this opportunity. Never give any less importance to this part of the interview as this is your chance to seal the deal. Let us look at some questions that you could ask your interviewer that would help you make a lasting impression and improve your chances of converting the interview.


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 What would me my responsibilities on the job?

Even though you are applying for a particular position, it is not possible for you to know everything that you would be required to do on a day to day basis. Asking this question reflects you interest in the position and by knowing you would have some time to mentally prepare yourself for the job. In any case, if you are actually considering a job, you must be aware of your responsibilities on a day to day basis.

What are your expectations from me during the first month?

If you are taking up a new role, it is expected that you would need some time settling down. It is good to be on the same page with your future employers about the expectations from you in the first month. You can use the time between the offer and the joining to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges at your new workplace. It also shows your willingness to perform.

Please tell me something about the work culture

This question not only tells your interviewer that you attach a lot of importance to the interview, but also tells that you value things like maintaining a good work environment and are looking for a work place that encourages and motivates you. These are positive signs in potential employees that employers value.  Additionally, you also get to know more about the company you could be working for.

What are the opportunities that I would be presented with at the job?

It is very good to have a clear insight on the career path you would be embarking on. Your interviewers would know that you are focused and motivated and you are looking to serve the company long term. On the other hand, you will also know about more about the opportunities that you would be getting in the future, which, in turn will help you make up your mind about the job.

Ask about the next step of the interview

Find out if there would be more rounds of the interview. Gather information on the hiring timeline and ask about when you should follow up. This will also help you consider other options at hand if any. Your question will reflect your eagerness to take this forward, making you a potential candidate to be offered the position.

The interviewee’s questions can make or break the interview. Practice the above questions in mind before you go for the interview. You would be encountering this situation in 9 out of 10 interviews. Make sure the questions are framed properly. Be very attentive to the answers and do not hesitate in making follow up questions. Do not ask irrelevant questions or ask something just for the sake of it. This is the reason why preparation is important. Remember, your questions are as important as your answers.


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