Top 6 fads amongst the youth

The youth of our country is highly impressionable and that is why, it doesn’t take long enough to convince them that they need to be or do a few things in order to be cool or up-to-date. The youth has this constant need to feel validated by others and that is why fads are almost like a mantra for success for the youth. These fads change from time to time or just get updated and the biggest platform for them is the social media.

Top 6 fads amongst the youth

You will often find the youth talking about these fads on their Facebook profile, their Snapchat or even Instagram and Twitter.


Suddenly the world has started working towards fitness together. You open your social media profile and you see a 100 posts from different people either working out or running a marathon. The youth loves to be fit and loves to look good all the time, but most of all it likes being talked about. Posting pictures from the workout or post a long run seems to be the fad nowadays. And the ones who aren’t fit are obviously not a part of the premium league.


Losing yourself in the hills only to find who you truly are and where you belong is another thing that seems to have occurred to every person together. Going to the hills or hitting the road every now and then is the calculator for your coolness quotient. The youth today needs a break almost every month to go to a place which was originally supposed to be secluded and out of reach for the rest of the world. Too bad we live in a world that has internet.

You’ve got to be funny

Never before in the history of mankind has any generation been so sure about its sense of humor. This one just trolls its way into every issue and every conversation, or that is what it tries to do when it wants to fit in. Trolls, memes and other cool stuff helps the youth get by the day and stay sane. They laugh at everything and that helps them survive in this cruel world. Also, trolls help you differentiate between the cool and the daft.


If you belong to this generation, there is a bit of a homework that you’re expected to do. And that is watching every goddamn sitcom there has ever been. If you haven’t watched even a single episode, then you can’t be a part of the cool gang – you will feel left out at most of the parties, college, work and other places where you interact with people of your age group, because that is all they ever talk about.


The current generation may have devised a new definition for feminism but it is feminist nonetheless. It believes in fighting for everything, literally everything, especially on the internet. They believe that taking offense for everything is cool and they seldom forget that reservations are not a part of feminism. But that doesn’t stop them from beating the crap out of chauvinists.


Proving to be fatal, selfie, is clearly the biggest fad going around these days. Clicking a picture while doing anything and everything just shows how transparent this generation has become. It could be on top of a hill, under the water, at a wedding or at a funeral, this generation just doesn’t know when to stop.

These recent fads are the main factors that govern the behavior of the youth. The youth has become so social network oriented that they barely have anything authentic or real to connect with. And that is why these fads have become the rules the youth lives by. Let’s try and make them aware of the real things they’re missing out on because of these fads. Let’s try and give them a real life.


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