Top treks for Trekking in Kumaon | Uttarakhand

One of the most beautiful regions in the state of Uttarakhand, Kumaon offers ample opportunity to adventure lovers to quench thir thirst. The diverse topography and beautiful locales also make it a great land of adventure. With trails ranging from easy to difficult, trekking in Kumaon Himalaya is one of the most enjoyed and anticipated adventure activities. Some of the major treks in this region are:

1. Adi Kailash Trek : Also known as chota Kailash, Adi Kailash is a famous trek in the region. It is named so as it resembles the Mt Kailash, which is located in Tibet. It is a popular pilgrimage destination in India and is located in Indian Territory close to the Indo- Tibetan border. This trek is well-known across the globe for its natural beauty and serenity that it offers to people. It is considered as an abode of Lord Shiva and trekking to Adi Kailash in the Himalayan ranges is once in a lifetime opportunity. The highest mountain peak is 4770m and the trek takes almost 24 days to complete it. It falls under the category of difficult treks in the region.

2. Bageshwar Pindari Trek : Popularly known as Pindari Glacier Trek, Bagershwar Pindari Trek is one of the favorite treks in the Kumaon Region. It has lured the mountaineers and trekkers across the world since decades with its exhilarating beauty. The rugged beauty of Pindari offers stunning view, which makes it ideal for trekkers who loves to be with nature. It is flanked by Nanda Devi and Nandakot peaks and has an altitude of 3627 m. The glacier is about 5 km long having an altitude that ranges from 3600 m to 5000 m. Located in Pindari Valley and being one of the most accessible glaciers of the Himalayas, it is the most frequent treks in the region. The trek meanders through some of the most spectacular landscape that is capable of captivating the imagination of the visitors. The trek can be covered within 12 days, depending on several factors.

3. Panchulli Glacier Trek : Panchulli Glacier Trek is not a very difficult trek, offering spectacular view of the snow-covered mountain peaks of the Great Indian Himalayas. Entrenched by River Dhauli Ganga, the trek starts from Sobla, which is about 40 km trek up to the glacier. Nestled between the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys, this glacier is visible from its base. The trek passes through alpine meadows, old villages and social life and gurgling steams, which offers an enchanting experience. It is perched at an altitude of 3800 m and the trek can be completed within 9 to 10 days. The best time for trekking here is between May to June and September to mid-November.

4. Kafni Glacier Trek: Kafni Glacier Trek is another popular trek in the region, which is visited by huge number of trekkers every year. Situated amid picturesque landscape and serene environment, this trek lies in Bageshwar district of Kumaon Region. It is located on the left of Pindar Valley, below the Nandkot peak and is the source of River Kafni, which is a tributary of River Pindar. Even though, it is a small glacier, it is one of the most favorite glaciers in the region among the adventure enthusiasts. The trek passes through enchanting Rhododendrons forests, alpine forests, etc. with snow-capped mountain peaks as its backdrop, it offers a memorable experience. The glacier is located at an altitude of about 4000 m and the ideal time to visit is between the months of May and November; however, the rainy season should be avoided.

5. Sin La Pass Trek: Counted among the best treks in Kumaon region, Sin La Pass Trek is located in Pithoragarh District, which shares its border with Tibet in the north and Nepal in the east. The pass is 5495 m high, which connects Bidang in Darma Valley to Jolingkong Lake in the Kuthi Yankti valley. This pass was once a part of the ancient trade route of the Bhotiyas to Tibet and remains covered by snow all the year round. It is also among the most coveted treks in the region owing to its unprecedented beauty. The trek passes through lush green meadows, virgin forests and remote villages; offering a captivating and spellbinding view of Adi Kailash Peak that has a height of 6,191 m.

6. Milam Glacier Trek: Milam Glacier is the largest glacier in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand, which covers an area of 37 sq km and has an elevation of 3,438m. It originates from the slope of Kohli and Trishuli peaks and a small village is also situated near the glacier by the name of Milam Village. It is the major source of River Gauriganga and is without any doubt a magnificent trekking destination in the region. The trek passes through several lonely villages, vast stretches of alpine meadows, dense forests and varied landscape, which is sure to captivate the minds of explorers. The trek starts from Munsiyari, which lies in Pithoragarh District. The trek can be completed within 15 days and the ideal time to visit is between May and mid October; however, trekking should be avoided during rainy season.

7. Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek: Literally meaning “The Valley of beautiful Stones”, Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek lies to the west of Pindar Valley. It is one of the less explored destinations in the region; this trek is close to Pindari and Kafni glacier, which follows river Sunderdhunga upstream from Khati until its origin. It is the most beautiful trek among the three offering view of the picturesque landscape. Sunderdhunga Valley has two glaciers, namely Maiktoli and Sukhram. The trek passes through dense forests, remote villages, alpine meadows and glaciers, making it one of the most spectacular treks, captivating the minds of the trekkers and explorers. It is about 4100 m high and the trek can be completed within 14 days. It is a moderate trek and the ideal time to trek in this route is between the months of May and July.


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