How to turn a toxic relationship into a healthy One

Relationship and toxic, Aren’t these two words sound very oxymoronic? Well, maybe yes!

When we think about being in a relationship, all that we imagine is a very rosy picture of it; a partner with whom you can enjoy each and every moment, holding each other’s hands, someone with whom you can share your deepest secrets and the one on whom you can rely wholeheartedly. It is a very common expectation from every relationship. However, many a times your relationship doesn’t work the way you want it to. You might encounter problems which you feel are beyond your control; such as disagreements, trust issues, family problems, so on and so forth. In such times, you must remember that no relationship is an ideal one and problems are inevitable, so be it very minor or bigger ones.


You can strive to make your relationship a healthy one, only if you want it to be, it’s only you who can bring things on the track and no one else.

The root cause of relationship problems is the fact that we are not able to perceive things the way our partner wants us to, which leads to difference of opinion and eventually fights.

If you are going through the same then it is important for you to exhibit some amount of patience and put yourself in the your partner’s shoes. If not completely then it will help you to some extent, to picturize things from your partner’s perspective. Another mistake that we always tend to do in relationship is making big issue of trivial things, for example, if you are not content with your relationship then unintentionally you pinpoint even very small mistakes of your partner. When you look back at those things, you realise that they meant absolutely nothing if you both wish to keep your companionship strong and in that moment of anger, you wasted some of the precious moments of your life. When you are not happy with someone then even the smallest of the things seem very pesky.

One very important factor that we tend to miss out on is time for each other. In this cosmo lifestyle, our ambitions and career goals have become our priority but in the race to conquer numerous things in limited time, we forget the fact that in the long run, awards and achievements would mean nothing in the long run when you do not have someone special by your side, to share that Joy.

I am not supporting the fact that there is no such thing called unhealthy or a suffocating relationship, yes they do exist but it does not mean that people are bad, it’s just that two people are not able to cope up with unfavourable situations. Neither a relationship is completely infallible, nor the people are perfect, therefore blaming each other every now and then for those unresolved matters that require attention of both the people isn’t right.

Whenever you feel that situations are not in your control and your partner is simply incorrigible, don’t freak out! Rather, just take a step back, think of ways to correct it and put in efforts for the same.

Try to do those small things that your partner likes, make time for him/her, do not hold on to a things that are least important and try to forgive easily, make promises and try to fulfil them. For example, if your partner is more of an outdoor person, while you like to stay indoors then at times, you will have to come out of your comfort zone and do outdoor activities with him/her or vice versa; similarly, if your partner is completely into you and does things for you in a selfless manner then you should revert back in the same way to make him/her feel his/her importance; introduce him/her to your close set of friends or even your family if possible, make him/her realise that you are not ashamed of exposing your relationship to the world. All such small things intensify your emotional bond and fosters your friendship.

At the end it’s not those toxic matters but small and beautiful things that you did to nurture your bond would bring fond memories.


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