Types of KTM Bikes in India

KTM is a cult brand in India. The motorcycle enthusiasts love the brand for its versatile offerings and performance for value for money. KTM currently offers a range of motorcycles in the Indian market. Enthusiasts mostly get confused on which model to choose and why. We bring you five types of KTM motorcycles that are available in India and who should buy which one.

200 Duke



The entry-level KTM is for people who are looking to own a KTM bike but are on shoestring budget. The 200 Duke may be the smallest motorcycle in the KTM line-up, but it is powerful and looks quite handsome. The naked 200 Duke has stubby body lines to attract the attention. The motorcycle gets flared tank extensions, a solid headlamp housing, and aggressive design. The 200 Duke is undoubtedly one of the best looking motorcycles in the segment.

The 200 Duke is powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that delivers 24.6 Bhp of power. The bike weighs just 128 kg, which makes it fun to ride around in the city limits. However, the lack of ABS can make newbie riders a little nervous.

RC 200

ktm RC 200 BIke

The fully faired motorcycle has gained quick popularity in India due to the right amount of aggressiveness in its body cover. The RC200 is the cheapest RC series motorcycle, and the design of the motorbike has a resemblance to the design of the flagship RC8.

The RC200 gets a very aggressive position, and the riders will feel uncomfortable after riding it for long hours. The RC 200 is a perfect motorcycle to start track riding. If you are looking for a fully faired track bike at a low price, then the RC 200 will fit your wallet quite appropriately.

250 Duke


KTM introduced the 250 Duke this year as an all-new motorcycle. The bike bridges the gap between the gap between the 390 Duke and the 200 Duke. It looks similar to the 390 Duke but misses out on certain features like LED headlamps, TFT screen and of course, the big engine.

The 249cc engine of the motorcycle is good for 29 Bhp, which is enough power for highway cruising and power runs through the city. If you are falling short on money for the 390 Duke, the 250 Duke will fit perfectly.

390 Duke


This is the most advanced KTM available in India right now. It is power packed and features packed too. The most expensive KTM comes with 41 Bhp of power. The 390 Duke gets high-end TFT screen that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The 390 Duke is an all around bike that can use extensively in the city and can be used on the highways too. The motorcycle comes with 43mm upside down forks, dual channel ABS, ride-by-wire and slipper clutch making it the KTM everyone wants in their garage.

RC 390


The same engine powers RC 390 as the KTM 390 Duke. The motorcycle misses out on TFT screen but gets full body fairing, which makes it pretty much windproof. The RC390 serves as a perfect tool for people who want to buy bigger bikes later in life and want to get used to powerful motorcycles and aggressive riding position.


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