Why should you choose UK for higher education?

The United Kingdom had been the most favoured destination for Indian students until 2012, when they decided to shut down their post study work visa program which helped many Indians get jobs on completing their education and get decent return on investment. Since its closure, the UK has lost some of its lustre as a destination for studying abroad, since getting jobs in the 2-4 month period after graduation has been extremely difficult, and many aspiring students have had to return home on completing their studies with the burden of an educational loan on their heads – a loan of pounds to be repaid in rupees, a nightmare scenario for many.

Higher Education in UK

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However, despite this, many students still continue to go to the UK, though many of them are from financially secure backgrounds. Here are a few reasons why you should choose the United Kingdom for higher education (if you can afford it!):

One Year Masters

One of the biggest draws of the UK now that the post study work visa has been rescinded is its one-year Master’s program. Yep, you heard that right. You can finish your Master’s degree in one year in the UK. This is a boon for professionals who do not want to take a long break from the industry and are looking for a rigorous course which will help advance their careers while also saving them a year of time. From arts, science, commerce, to other creative fields, the United Kingdom has a one year course for almost every field of study imaginable.

Top Ranked Universities

Not only does the UK have some of the best Universities in the world – with Oxford and Cambridge always coming in the top 5 of the world rankings – but it also has some of the oldest and most prestigious universities, with some of them having a history of excellent education for over 5 centuries. Yep, over a history of over 500 years!

European Centre of Culture & Commerce

The UK, throughout its history, has been a major world power known for its imperialistic tendencies. Thus, its cities are steeped in history and culture, and London especially has been a melting hodgepodge of culture, commerce, trade and finance. It is not only a centre of European culture and commerce, but also a meeting pot for the many cultures and ethnic diversities of the world. Many are those who have gone to London to reinvent themselves and make their way in the world.


The British love their sport, with football and cricket at the pinnacle, but even beyond that, they are aficionados of all manners of sports and you will find many dedicated clubs and groups practicing the sport of your choice, and if you are good enough, you could also get a sports scholarship to help with your studies.

Harry Potter fans, there are groups in London who actually play Quidditch as a sport as well. Need more reason to go there?

Social Life

‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” — Samuel Johnson.

This quote says it all, for London, and the UK, has everything that the world has to offer, and if you can afford the cost of education – or minimize the risk by some good planning – then the UK is a great place to continue your education.

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