Unemployment in India: challenges and solutions- the emotional aspect.

India is a highly populated democratic nation. With 65% youth we are probably the largest human resource rich nation. On one hand this is a matter of pride that we have such a huge workforce, on the other it is a big challenge to feed the hands and brains with work and ensure a stable earning. The employment ratio in India can be widely categorized into 3 sectors.

  1. Employed with Government/ public sector: the workforce serving the Armed and Defence forces, Various administrative units, nationalized banks and Government entities and Government undertakings that are into production, manufacturing education and allied activities employ close to 20 percent of the working professionals.
  2. Employed with Private Sector: Private limited companies, Domestic and multinational private banks, Corporate sector, small and medium enterprises and the small firms that employ less than 5 persons contribute to 50- 55% to employment.
  3. Self employed: people involved in own business and service solutions comprise of self employed which contribute to close to 30% of the employed people of the nation.

Still unemployment is a major concern as 40 percent of the employable youth is unemployed and of the employed lot 60% are underemployed.

The major challenges faced due to unemployment and under employment are: high rate of Theft and forgery and allied crimes like murders, kidnapping and extortion; increase in cases of Tax – frauds, black-money and money-laundering; Increase in grey markets and illicit ways to make money including juvenile and adolescent crimes and human trafficking, and not to forget that the reported cases of cheating have increased manifold where various investment and chit fund companies have minted money through inappropriate means. Additionally, cases are also registered against employers unable to pay the promised salary and are lingering on at the courts of justice.
All this has lead to increase in crime and emotional aggression as well; depression has taken a toll over the youngsters. It has claimed innumerable lives due to financial liabilities and dissatisfaction.

The emotional aspect is a major concern because the rate of increased number of cases pertaining to depression is alarming. The nation cannot rely upon the meek brains and bent shoulders. Out of every 10 youngsters 7 are emotionally very weak for various reasons and it is observed that they do not vent it out in time and when they realize that they need help it is too late. This is one of the major reasons behind underemployment. The youngster these days have very high expectations when they come out of elite educational institutes. All of them expect a white collar job along with a high pay and all amenities right from the very beginning. Very few people realize that reaching heights need stairs. Peer pressure and extraneous competition leads to a mollycoddle life.

On the contrary under utilization of any resource leads to pressure on the economy as the equilibrium cannot be met. In case the underemployment is not checked at the right time it may result in an economic dysfunction and further an economic recession and later a depression. In a populated country like India such a risk cannot be borne at the present times.

Every problem has one solution or the other. While on one hand the Government should focus on a strong policy to eradicate this social threat on the other the youth should come up with innovative ways to contribute to the national income. It is not that the country is short of funds but, most of the fund is getting accumulated amongst the already rich leading the poor become poorer. The accumulated funds should be put to better use providing opportunities for income and growth for all.

The youngsters are the backbone to economy. They have to be emotionally strong, they should value ethics, they should stand by to what they believe in, a friend should be a friend at all times, a philosopher should be wise, the guide should show the right way. And most importantly the youth ought to choose wisely from what the surroundings have to offer. It is not always about the blame games and whose culpability; it has to be an onus and responsibility , most importantly it is accountability.

They should pave out new ways for the nation’s growth. And the nation’s growth lies in an individual’s growth. It is the call of the hour that we, the youngsters, be good Samaritans and change agents in true terms. We should ideate and implement, practicing what we preach is the best way to inculcate an idea to get it executed the best way desired. As far as the monetary aspects are concerned the youth should be in opposition to the malpractices unanimously.

  1. Black money and corruption should be a big No-No.
  2. Money laundering and grey ways should be exposed instead of being a party to it.
  3. Paying taxes and declaring actual income should be encouraged right from the beginning.
  4. Funds should be mobilized by the stronger sections and the government hand in hand.
  5. Creating job opportunities and a fair pay policy should be promoted and adequately awarded. Positive motivations will encourage the same to a great extent.
  6. Rewards and recognition of the best practices will fetch in more success stories, so positive things should be highlighted.

Many a times the root cause of arrogance is unawareness, youth can bring out a sea change by identifying the derivatives and working towards the efforts that will result in betterment. It’s time to take initiative and be dutiful. Most importantly on everyone’s part it has to be understood clearly that the promises are meant to be kept not broken. Whether it is a promise to someone in particular, a resolution to self or a pledge to the nation, it has to be carried out, words should not lose their weight. Once the feeling of responsibility innate, no dream is too big. In concert we triumph! It’s about time to act upon to a collective dream of a “Better Tomorrow”.

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