Which Life is Better Rural or Urban, Village Life vs City Life in India

There’s a huge difference between city life and village life, that much is obvious. And these many differences based on the solid foundation of civic society, life and lifestyle beget one question: Which of these is better? Village life or city life.

City life in india


We’re here to take a look at that and provide an unbiased opinion.

Let’s begin with city life. The fuel on which the country runs, the non-stop activity and constant motion that forms these insatiable metros.

Well, firstly, in the city, if you have even the smallest iota of talent, you will never go hungry. And as long as you are willing to work hard and ride out the tough times, success is inevitable. People come from villages to the cities to meet their destiny, forge a new life and become the masters of the ship of life, steering it towards greater harbours.
There is diversity in the cities, and you will find people of all casts and creeds coming together. And in times of crisis, the only religion these folks know is humanity.

The many huge corporate conglomerates and industries make it a haven for businessmen and those with an entrepreneurial bent, while the dreamers, poets, artists and actors can find home in the many creative niches that studios, theatres and production houses have to offer.

Worried about illnesses and dread of diseases striking at odd hours in later stages of life? Doctors and hospitals are available at all times, 24 hours and 7 days a week.

As long as you’re willing to live life in the fast lane and deal with the speed of urban living, cities are for you. They may not be as beautiful or picturesque as rustic villages, but the towering monoliths climbing skywards on the sea’s edge have their own new-world charm.

Villages on the other hand are the life-blood of the country. Those agrarian communities make sure that the nation’s populace stays well-fed and doesn’t go hungry. Life here goes at a sedate pace, and everyone knows everyone. The good thing about this is that you will never feel alone or lonely. But the flipside is that your dirty laundry is often aired for all to see. Tradition and religion usually play an important role in village life, especially during festivals and large gatherings, and the collective is appreciated and preferred over individuality. For those who like to live without making waves, without standing out, the rustic life of these serene villages is perfect. Hard work, no doubt, but simple, with tough labour and chores to work in fields and look after the animals being the order of the day.

There is a certain simplicity to village life which can be perfect for those who are fed up with the fast pace of the city and only desire peace, quietness and some solace in their lives.

Thus, both urban and rural life have their own pros and cons. In the end, deciding among either of them is a personal choice, and one which each one can only take for themselves.


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