Why should you choose USA for higher education?

The United States of America, Land of the Free, Champion of Freedom, a place where dreams are said to come true, and where the smallest of people can rise to the greatest of heights with a bit of luck sprinkled with a dose of talent and a lot of hard work. Everyone and their grandfather has thought of going to America and starting their life all over again, after all, it isn’t called the land of opportunities and second chances for nothing. Indeed, many a students have gone to the United States in search of their dreams, and a good number of them have found success as well – though it hasn’t always been easy, but it often has been fruitful.

Higher Education in USA

So, here are a few reasons you should choose USA for higher education:

1. Top Ranked Universities

Though the USA’s harsh social landscape has been exposed by the swath of people in support of Trump and his near fascist ideologies, America still continues to be a top destination for students because of its highly ranked Universities. Indeed, though the cost of education is quite high in the States, but you will be sure in the knowledge that you are studying in some of the world’s premier institutes. From the historic Ivy League colleges to others which may not be Ivy but are still well-known the world over such as New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, to name but a few.

2. Highly Qualified Teaching Staff

You will be learning under some of the best names in your field, be it law, business, architecture, engineering or creative writing, and as such, are sure to come out with a well-rounded education, ready to take on the challenges of professional life.

3. OPT Period

The Optional Training Period allows students from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields to work in the States for a period of 3 years without the need of an H1B1 Visa, and this is a massive boon for students from these fields since getting the H1B1 Visa has become quite difficult with new lottery system imposed by their government.

4. World’s Largest Economy

America continues to be the world’s biggest economy, and hence, is the optimum place to start a career. Many national and international firms have their headquarters in the USA and all of them are constantly seeking the best talent to help their company grow.

5. Student Life

Among other things, America promises a great social life. With students coming in from all corners of the world, you will be a part of a diverse group of students from a multitude of ethnicities, and it will not only help you grow academically and professionally, but also mould you into a better, more tolerant person with a respect for all cultures. You will form lasting friendships and be able to make the best of college life in a diverse atmosphere.

Thus, despite its current political situation and the news of gun violence rifling in from news agencies, USA continues to be a favoured destination for students.

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