Use positive thinking to overcome anxiety

It is a general perception that drugs are the only remedies for people suffering from stress and anxiety. However, it is not the complete part of the story. Positive thinking, enhancement of self-esteem, healthy lifestyle , support of family and friends also capable of giving you the desired relief from anxiety and stress. In some cases, stress is diagnosed clinically and it is chronic in nature. In other cases stress is temporary in nature due to a combination of factors like break-up, job loss, family problems etc. Whatever may be the type of stress and anxiety you are going through, positive thinking is capable enough to defeat it.

How anxiety and stress affect life?

Anxiety is a general outcome of lower self esteem. People suffering from anxiety have the feeling that they cannot perform their duty in the required manner. Stress contributes towards the cropping up of anxiety in a crucial manner. Every job has its own level of challenges and odds. It does not mean that you will come under anxiety and stress due to these pressures. It not only hampers your buy also affects your physical health also. Weight loss, hypertension and loss of hair are some of the common health problems associated with the increased stress and anxiety.

Can positive thinking counter anxiety and stress?

The answer is a big yes. There are several positive thinking techniques which help you in building and enhancing self esteem in a gradual but effective way. First step in this regard is to choose friends who are positive in nature. They will create a positive vibe around you and keep the negative thoughts away. It is well said that a man is judged from the type of friends he/she has. Hence, avoid mixing with negative minded people, discussing your problem with them and taking their suggestion. It will hamper you only.

Second important tip in this regard is preparing a list of the positive characteristics that you have. Analyzing this list will help you in overcoming the low esteem moments. Once you overcome a low esteem movement, add it to the list of your positive characteristics list. Gradually, list will become fat and you will be free from negative vibes automatically.

Third important step is for people who have lost significantly in a particular business or venture. If recovery from this situation is not possible, try to do something new that is salable and reestablish your financial stability. Once you start earning revenue and profit from the new venture, your anxiety and stress will reduce down automatically.

Forth step to use positive thinking to overcome anxiety is doing the work you like. If it is not possible, breakdown the complete work into smaller ones. These can be performed easily and you will regain your earlier-self-esteem. Last of all; try to find the cause of your anxiety or stress. Finding it out and taking steps to eradicate them are crucial for success. Pull out all fear and tensions from your mind. This will help in relaxing and expand self esteem.


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