Use Public Transport — Save Environment

As the name suggests, anything that is used by the public to travel is the public transport. The locals, metros, buses, all constitute the public transport and have been provided by the government to make intercity and intracity commuting easier. The public transport, though poorly maintained, has played a vital role in the development of Indian cities. Metropolitan cities like Bombay and Delhi are still dependent on locals and metros to be able to commute within the city and to make it to the destination on time.

Benefits of Public Transport

The public transport is almost like a blessing in disguise for the commuters, the country and the environment.

Cheap – because so many people use the public transport every day, the government has ensured that public transport is easily affordable and hence, the ticket prices are not very high. The public transport can easily be called the cheapest mode of travel in any city or throughout the country.

Safe – More than anything else, owing to the current scenario of the country, the public transport does offer safety. There are many people traveling at all times and thus, you will mostly get company which is definitely better than going alone in a taxi or an auto.

A source of income – the public transport is a source of income for various people and this offers the public a chance to get a government job. This generates revenue for the government and also helps in stabilizing the economy of the country. The government also sets a budget for the public transport every year and makes sure that the condition of the buses and the trains is good, which shows that the government invests to get returns.

Eco-friendly – Well, they are not exactly eco-friendly but they comparatively a smaller threat to the environment. Imagine if all the people who travel by the public transport everyday start travelling by their own vehicles. It will be hazardous for the environment and almost suicide for mankind. Thus, public transport offers to be a cheaper and an eco-friendly alternative for travelling.

Convenient – the public transport will take you almost anywhere, the connectivity of the country is solely based on public transport and there is almost no such city or village in the country which doesn’t have public transport. The public transport acts like the lifeline and the link of the chain that connects the whole of India.

Why should you use public transport?

Looking at the benefits one has of using public transport over private, it is clear that public transport is a better option in not just a few ways but in multiple ways –

  1. It is pocket friendly and easily available.
  2. It is safe and has fixed timings so one can plan their travel well in advance.
  3. It is eco-friendly and is also another way of you doing your bit for the environment.
  4. It stabilizes the economy of the country and is a source of income for lacs of people.
  5. And it connects the whole of the nation, so one can easily choose where to go and what would be the best public transport.

How can you help?

This is something that you can contribute to on an individual level too, every single person makes a difference. Even one less car on the road means lesser pollution, and if you can spread the word then nothing like it, the point being that every individual can contribute in his/her own way. Plus, public transport gives you a win win situation. It will turn out to be cheaper, more comfortable, convenient and safer. The government spends a lot of money every year to keep the public transport going and to make life easier for the public, now is our turn to pay back to the government and show how responsible we are as citizens.

Lesser pollution, lesser money spent, lesser chaos while traveling, doesn’t this sound really good? Well, it is just a decision away. We often get sick of the traffic jams that we have to face while going to office and this is your chance to beat them. We also try and budget our travelling expenses and we often crib about the pollution in the air that we breathe. So, here is a one stop solution for most of your travel problems. Start using public transport and make life easier for yourself and for the world.


  1. Lately, when the idea of public transport was promoted by the government, we all took a vote! The use of public transport is necessary not just for the sake of environment but also the traffic control and economical as well. It is thus suggested that we turn to the public transport for making the world a safer place for our upcoming generations. It is for us to decide what kind of earth do we want to give to them.


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