Volunteer for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Everybody loves living in a clean environment and leading a healthy life. But due to the reckless use of resources and our casual behavior towards our surroundings, we have started to compromise on the cleanliness bit. Being clean doesn’t only mean keeping your house or your clothes clean, your society, your colony, your area is your responsibility too, and unless until they are clean you won’t be able to live in a hygienically. People seldom realize that their actions are going to come back and make life difficult for them. Not thinking before you flick a wrapper out of the car, dumping your garbage around the corner, using too much fuel, is making the world dirtier and thus, less inhabitable. If these things continue at this pace, soon we would have a planet which would be half full of garbage.

One needs to decide what kind of an environment do they wish to live in for the rest of their lives, because after all, your environment is a product of you. The cleaner you keep it, the healthier it will be for you and vice versa. The natural habitat of human beings was supposed to be pollution free, green and clean, but due to man’s need of development and progress we have already altered the basic form of nature and we are already suffering because of it.

What would happen?

Not living in a clean environment will lead to loss of health, life (in certain cases), and change in the climate of the planet, which we all are already experiencing.

1. Health issues – If you are unable to keep your surroundings clean, then there are high chances of you getting sick. One reason would be the most logical one, bacteria, it is attracted to unclean places and will affect you and make you sick. It will start from sneezing, to cold, to allergies and itching and a lot of other things. The other reason would be the vibe. Unclean places give out a very negative vibe, which affects the mental health of the person. Cluttered places make your head cluttered and make a person restless.

2. Affect on nature – The nature around you is solely dependent on the cycles which are continuously being disrupted by man. The fuel you use, the water that you waste, the garbage that you throw out, all affect the nature and the animals, which are also an integral part of nature. Garbage dumps become home for stray dogs and many dogs die because they garbage is not safe for them to live in or eat. The animals which drink water from the water bodies are also dying because human beings have already destroyed the purity of it and the ecological balance gets disturbed because of the pollutants in the air.

Environment has given us so much, now it’s your turn!


How to get rid of it ?

The basic idea of clean India is not to do path breaking stuff, but just to make people aware of what their duties are towards their country and the nature.

Clean your house and area –Your area is as much yours as your house. It is very much a part of your world and if the area isn’t clean, then your house will also not be clean. There will be the presence of bacteria which may lead to an epidemic also because it will affect the whole area.

Keep your usage of resources under check – Cleaning your area also means cleaning the environment. Every year, millions of new cars come onto the roads and I can’t even begin to tell how disastrous that is for the environment. Chopping down trees, adding more vehicles to the roads, doesn’t seem like the best way to live and this will soon make human beings pay for their short-sighted nature.

What are you doing? – You as an individual can do a lot, you could volunteer on Sundays to clean your area, you could campaign against polluting the environment, put eco-friendly banners trying to explain people the consequence of their actions and last but not the least, fight against littering.

Saving the environment will eventually be beneficial to mankind only. Also, we need to realize that we are not the only inhabitants of this planet, but because of our deeds, the others are getting affected too. We have almost destroyed the food chain, the water and air are polluted, and the world is full of new diseases which used to not exist until certain years ago. So we need to set our priorities straight because the environment has given us so much, now it’s our turn.


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