Ways to cope with rejection in Job Interviews

Handful of job openings posted on the online application platform. But only three openings catching your attention; supposedly they’re your dream jobs. Then goes on the resume submissions which, to much delight, gets accepted. Next you sit for the interview; post which you get into day-dreaming about joining your dream company. And finally the much-awaited letter enters your mail; only to hit you hard with the notification of you being rejected!

Job Interview

Now even the mention of it sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? Obviously getting spun down for the position you fervently wanted, irrespective of the phase you’re in your job process, is absolutely ugly and depreciating to one’s self-assurance. Most people are defenseless to disappointments as when it spirals with alacrity, they often overlook the larger depiction, which by the way is very normal. Some let this get on them so hard that the world seems to be ending for them but on thinking objectively, one could see the possibilities of building their strengths, address typicality of issues they’re facing and finally work on what they want. Passion has no backups and sees no darkness if handled properly. So, here are few tips to get on post heartbreak from job interviews.

Address the issues

Try decoding what the company really wants. More job experience or a higher degree or better technical knowledge – if you’re less at any of the stated criteria of the company they will seek a candidate with better scopes. This does not mean you are not meant for your dream company. It simply is a reminder of the saying, “Nothing comes easy.” Another common reason for rejection in interviews is anxiety. This is a public psychological thing in most of the cases because in today’s market the companies are slaves to competency and they seek candidates with much comprehensive replies. The pressure of this along with other factors like fear of being miscommunicated or bearing the wrath of a moody interviewer can really make people lose their mind. To overcome this, it is suggested that one consults help from seniors or experienced people. Also, it is likely that you’ll overcome nervousness as well as have a good idea of what companies want if you keep attending multiple interviews.

Be ready with plan B

As far as your career is concerned, it would be practical to be ready with other opportunities. Obviously this doesn’t mean you give up on your dreams but then keeping yourself occupied while you keep on preparing for your dream job is a better idea. This makes one confident, independent and efficient in the long-run. Pinning your hopes for one specific job without having anything else having your back is an immature decision.

Seek for feedback

This is a tricky part as not everybody is comfortable with criticism. However if criticism is constructive and you think you’re strong enough to list down your shortcomings and rise again, then you’re on! While not all companies give feedbacks to interviewees, yet there is no harm in asking about the same. Infact it leaves a good impression on them because self-evaluation is rare.

Measure your strengths

Rejection is not a way to decide your abilities. Also, rejection is not failure. Often people perceive this as the biggest botch in their life because it’s a blow to the ego and demotivation to the personality. But it is not a reason enough to give up. Before somebody else tells you, gather yourself and contemplate your strengths. Make a list of how you are good in what and what to do with it. Others will always compliment you and boost up your strengths but when you realize what actually makes you different, its time you let the curtains rise.

This pretty much sums up what you must do when you’ve fallen into one of those ‘pits’. Patience is virtue and time is the greatest healer. So don’t let negative situations get on you. You only know your true worth after you fall down.


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