6 Ways to Prevent and Treat Period Cramps

You know the uncomfortable bubble that pains; it gets into the system during periods. Sometimes, it becomes so painful that you cannot think of anything else. It might even disrupt your daily routine!

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 If that bubble has been haunting you, it is time you burst it. Here is how:-

1.First and foremost: Now that the bubble has entered your system, pop that medicine. However, if you get chronic pain, a medicinal course is advisable. Depending upon what works for you, you can go for Ayurvedic treatment, homeopathic or allopathic.

Homeopathic and Ayurveda are the safest and with the least side-effects. With homeopathic, it can take a little more time. But the patience is rewarded.

Using a heating pad: Sit at a comfortable posture; make yourself cosy. Keep your beloved teddy with you if you want to. Surround yourself with cushions, pillows and blankets. And use a heating pad!

While buying a heating pad, ensure that it is not too big in size. Pour in only as much hot water in it as your body does not feel the extra weight. You can make a fur or some other soft cloth cover for your heating pad.

3.Food and liquid intake : Take warm liquids only. Try to drink tea without milk. There are herbal teas such as chamomile and dandelion tea that are very helpful in this regard. Avoid heavy drinks such as cold coffee.

Eat food that warms your body. In this regard, dry fruits work the best. Keep almonds, pistachios and walnuts near you; keep munching them from time to time. Eat a boiled egg!

4. Take rest: It is important to not to take stress at such times. Rest in your bed or a your favourite couch in the house.

If sleep does not come to you easily, do something light that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy caring for your books, do that; if you enjoy watching a favorite sitcom, do that. You should be at ease and without any stress. The more stress you take, the worse the pain becomes. Sometimes, the pain is only there in the first place because of all that stress you have been taking!

5. Exercise, yes, exercise: Myths are everywhere just like God is everywhere! Here, the myth is that you should not exercise during periods. Well! a little exercise generates enough heat to soothe that hurting tummy. Do some relaxing yoga to ease yourself. It will even relieve you of all that stress.

Kiran Gandhi, ran and won a marathon during her periods. She did not even wear a tampon but that is another story!

6. And finally : Important: Spend time with your friends and family members who can care for you during this difficult period (purposeful double meaning). For those of you who are not used to being taken care of, who hesitate to let others care about them; give yourself a break.

If you can take the above mentioned bullets, you are sure to hit that uncomfortable bubble in your stomach. You can think of other ways to make yourself comfortable. What are your suggestions?


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