Ways To Stay Safe For Indian Women Who Are Living and Travelling Alone

There never goes a day where you don’t hear in the media about some or the other crime against women in India. The crime rate against women is so alarming that National Crime Records Bureau of India’s figures of 2012 indicate that it is being done in every three minutes. The crime rate is still on the rise and safety of women in India has become a big question. The game of ‘who should be blamed’ has been played and will be played in the future. The one to be blamed is the “society” – their thinking and ideologies. When a crime is being done at such high levels and involves immeasurable amount of indecency, it becomes not one but a whole society’s fault.
There had been a varied amount of crimes that are being done against women in India which majorly includes:
1. Rape
2. Kidnapping & Abduction
3. Dowry
4. Domestic Violence
5. Insult to modesty of women
6. Trafficking & Forced Prostitution

Let’s help each other and ourselves

The protection of women has become a national issue. Instead of such high crime rates, urban areas in India has seen increasing number of single woman being accepted more for social and professional opportunities. There are many women who live alone and, work for late and long hours. It’s our duty to help each other and ourselves from any danger. If you live alone or going to, following are few ways in which you can help yourself to stay safe:

Self-Defence Lessons – Sounds too dramatic but helps a long way. Knowing some kind of self-defence lessons obviously helps when the danger arrives but it doesn’t limit there, it also helps you to maintain confident mind and body when in danger.

Find Safe Rental Accommodation – This is one of the most important tips for women who live alone. A safe and decent locality not only cuts-down the risk of any kind of harm but also help you feel safe alone at home.

Local Contacts – Local contacts are the best to reach in case of any emergency. Exchange your contact details with the friendly and safe localites and contact them if necessary.

Family Contacts – Keep in touch with your family whenever travelling. It is important to keep at least someone informed of your whereabouts. It is advised to not only to keep your family contact details in your phone on speed dial but also keep a piece of paper with their contact details on it in your purse/ bag.

Note that Taxi/Cab Number – If you are travelling alone, and doesn’t know the route then it is highly advisable to take note of the vehicle you are commuting through. Message that vehicle number to someone from your family and friends.

Carry Pepper Spray – If you travel alone a lot and mostly at nights then it is very much recommendable to you to carry pepper spray. They are easily available at any chemist’s shop.

Smart Use of Smartphone – Your mobile phone is an easy way to keep yourself safe. Use the following tips:

  1. Save everyone’s number in the categorised list of family, friends and work. In cases of emergency like accidents, when people check your phone to inform, they’ll know whom to call.
  2. Save the destination on your GPS which you are going to visit when travelling alone. It helps in knowing about the main streets and helps in tracking.
  3. Keep internet pack active and always have some balance on your phone.
  4. Keep your phone fully charged whenever travelling alone.
  5. Always set someone reliable who can reach you easily as your emergency contact.
  6. Use your speed-dial wisely. Save number of a nearby family member, a friend and helpline numbers.
  7. It is very important to keep notes of the helpline numbers of your city. Kindly find below the list of numbers and save them in your phone.


  1. Security of ladies has been a major concern in past few days. With single parenthood on a rise as well as single ladies taking the charge of the corporate and public sector, they are required to stay and travel alone. Here it is necessary to have a self-guard for security. Local guardians can do a great deal of help while the lessons of the self-defence should be mandatory for every girl.


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