What Are Some Solutions to Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse is gradually sprawling its evilness amongst the youth. While some begin with merely a fun practice, some get indulged into this addiction due to peer pressure. Some do it out of stress while some are made to consume the drugs without making them aware of it. The consumption of drugs causes addiction to an extent that a person willingly sells himself or herself in an exchange of drugs. Each year, A renowned report says that close to 190 million people around the world are under the drug addiction of something or the other. Drug abuse has pled innocent and healthy lives on the verge of miserable and inhuman ways of living.

Once you fall into prey of this addiction, it is tough to get yourself out of it. However, there are NGOs, hospitals, institutes that help the drug abuse victims to recover and withstand against their addiction.

Ask for help – If you are victim to drug abuse, do not shy away. Please share your problem with someone who can help you in coming out of this situation. Most of the youngsters are afraid to open up in front of their own parents on such delicate issues, at such times talk to some elder family member whom you can trust. If you really wish to come out of the trap, begin the fight within you ask for help.

Say NO – It is often found that numerous youngsters fall in the trap of drugs due to peer pressure. Prevention is always better that cure and that is why you must know how to handle the peer pressure and said “NO” when you have to. The choice between the good and the evil, right and wrong, friends and foes is often tough but not at all impossible.

Seek medical help – Sometimes your mental illness lead to this life taking addiction because consumption of drugs makes you forget the harsh reality of your life for a while. In such cases, taking a medical help can actually provide you the root cause of your illness making your fight much easier.

Know the consequences – Stay well versed with the physical and social consequences that this addiction is taking you towards. Being aware of the ordeals might keep you away from drugs, but you have to remember that a strong will power is of uttermost importance in this fight.

Drug abuse has sadly turned out to be a common phenomena in the entire world. It seems normal unless and until you find your loved one trapped in the ugly situation. The gravity of drug abuse is such that not only the individual but also, the family of that individual suffers. One drug taken out of fun on just another night out of your life can bring a huge turmoil in many lives that you did not even dream.

If any of your friend or family members are into drug addiction or even if they are trying for fun, ensure that you stop them. Being a part of the young crowd in the generation it is your right, responsibility and duty to fight with the evil called drug abuse.


  1. Drug abuse is something that has been playing with the lives of our human power for a long time. The best solutions which see to this problem is right parenting. Parents are responsible for a lot of the things that go on with their children. Other than this, the focus must be on mass awareness. Right counselling as well as the in time rescue via medical help can also be seen as the effective counters.


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