What are the best ways to think of ideas for a startup?

The start up culture is booming in India and if you’ve ever felt like starting your own thing and being your own boss, well this is the right time! Ideas, the million dollar ones, don’t come instantly. Well, they do come in a flash to some people, but that’s mostly the result of an external stimulus of some sort.

So in this article, we’re going to explore and find ways to come up with workable ideas, which could translate into getting a business running!

 Where’s the Spontaneous Idea?

The most crucial part of a start-up is the concept, correct? This could be in the form of a spontaneous idea that hits you while you’re jogging, taking a shower or maybe eating an ice cream. Now let’s not dismiss these thoughts as a one-time occurrence. The more you work on these sudden thoughts, the more are the chances of your brain coming up with a few more of these gems.

What separates your idea from countless random thoughts and the one workable thought is your ability to connect the dots and see whether it could lead to something tangible and workable. Weigh the pros and cons out; inevitably the cons usually outweigh the pros but don’t let that dishearten you. It is usually a question of eliminating the cons until you’re safely afloat. So put on your thinking cap and work on that brilliant ice cream flavor gol gappa idea that struck you in the loo this morning!

The Calculated Idea

Say you’re an industry professional or have been in the same job for a couple of years. You notice the method of executing things is outdated and being run by dinosaurs. Then you realize, hey, there’s a faster, better and cheaper way of gaining results! That’s what we call the Calculated Idea. It is the result of finding a blind spot in the system you work or engage in. These blind spots take months and sometimes years to spot. Coming up with the next big thing is never easy. The only way to do so is to be attentive and question everything around you that you see.

The Turning Your passion into your Income Idea

Have you ever noticed that you’re so good at something so much so that people have often remarked that you ought to make money off it, even in jest? Well maybe you ought to. It could be fantastic cooking skills, to amazing photography to having great business skills and starting a consultancy! You should hone your skills and learn to market them on a larger scale. While we’re not asking you to open a photo studio, maybe you could start your own website and nurture talent (This is simply an example) in photography. This gives you a large resource base for clients who require photographers for various projects and you save them the hassle of searching for photographers over the internet.

There are a million ways to become self sufficient and independent if you ever choose to take the start up route. Sure, the road can get a little tough and unfamiliar at first, but don’t lose hope. Otherwise one day you might find yourself working for someone who had the guts to build on his Idea and then you end up regretting not taking a chance when you had it. Good luck!


  1. In my opinion, the best way to think ideas for a startup is to imagine the future. If one can think beyond the limits of the present day, he/she can successfully inherit the ideas. You must be open minded to listen and keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Since the ideas are already suggested in the article, I feel, failure is inevitable at the time of implementing the same. Thus, it is equally necessary to calculate your risks before proceeding with anything new.


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