What are your parenting fears ?

Recently, when I congratulated a friend on the new bundle of joy he has brought home, he seemed worried. “This is a huge responsibility. I don’t know whether I am equipped to handle it,” he said. Parenting is a huge responsibility but we complicate it more with our fears and anxieties. Let us talk about a few parenting fears and how we can conquer them.


Fear 1: Will it affect my baby if I work?

Many parents go through this anxiety. In most households, one parent quits their job after a baby appears. However, this is unnecessary. It is alright (and in fact, healthy!) if you have time and life away from your baby. After the initial few months, babies do not require you 24/7. This is when you can think of getting back to work, at least part-time. This decision will not affect your baby if you choose the right caregivers for her. Also, make sure you spend quality one-to-one time with your baby every day. Doing something as a family every weekend can also lead to beautiful memories and family bonding.

Fear 2: Will my child fall sick?

Parents are paranoid when it comes to their child’s eating habits, sleeping habits and cleanliness. They go into a panic state when they see unfinished tiffin boxes, an errant sneeze or cough or their child rolling around in mud. There are millions of viruses out there and a child gathers immunity from each, as she falls prey to it. This is the reason why children fall sick more when they are young. As they grow up, they build more immunity. So, next time, when you see your child roll around in the mud, be calm and allow them to play. Then, once he is home, give him a nice warm bath.

Fear 3: Will I lose my temper?

Children can test your patience many times be it with sleep schedules or potty training. While it is important to be consistent and never let go, you should not hold on to something that is testing your sanity. Also, have realistic expectations from your child. Still, there may be times when you feel overwhelmed and know that you might lose your temper shortly. At those times, take a break. Put your child in a safe place and move away. Even if she is howling, a 10 to 15-minute break for you will not do her any harm. Rather, it will give you time to become calmer and empower you to face the challenges.

Fear 4: Will I be a good parent?

Many parents take time to bond with a child but they do not understand that this is usual. Bonding does not happen just by giving birth to a child. It happens when you spend sleepless nights with them, when you sing lullabies and feed them and when you snuggle and read stories together. So, don’t doubt yourself. Just the thought that you want the best for your child shows that you are the best parent for them. So, let go of your anxieties and cherish these beautiful moments.

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  1. Bearing a kid is one of the most prized possessions of any person’s life. But then everything has a first time and so does the fears associated with it. Parenting fears are genuine and may hit anyone. It is, therefore, necessary for you to understand that it happens with everyone. But what worked for others may or may not work for you as a whole. Just relax and experiment step by step! Let your work and personal life be balanced properly and play it with passion.


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