What has India achieved from Prime minister Narendra Modi’s foreign trips?

The frequent foreign trips of Prime Minister Narendra Modi- one of the most debated topics in the prime time these days! The level of sarcasm, internet trolls and memes shows the level of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of such people. Choosing a Prime Minister who takes just 4 hours of sleep in a day has been one of the best things Indian population did in the history of Indian politics. If he is travelling the globe, no he is not on a vacation rather it adds to his burden! But for the sake of the commitment this man made, he bears it all with the same smile on his face for the betterment of his countrymen. So, if you are the one who still criticize Modi and his foreign trips, read keep reading and you will leave this page with a different opinion. However, if you are already up for his work, you’ll strengthen your base to be proud of your Prime Minister.

So, what did India achieve from the frequent abroad tours of PM Narendra Modi? Take a trip and find it for yourself!

Foreign Trade

The economy of any country is directly dependent on the trade type it indulges in! Sadly, the trade policies of the previous government left everyone with a feeling of being robbed. To win the confidence of the investors again and to assure the common man on his money, it is necessary to act as an interface between the two. This has been well managed by the PM and trade has started to flow in!

Strong international Relations

No one is going to acknowledge you if they do not know you! These foreign trips have braced the image of India as a global leader and further established strong links between the world leaders and Prime Minister Modi. This is one of the key roles being played by him in bringing the foreign trade. It is the result of these strong ties that India has emerged as a contender for a permanent seat in Security Council of UNO.

Global acceptance

In a recent address at Wembley Stadium in London, British PM, David Cameroon claimed that Britain may have a British Indian PM soon. Imagine the leader of a country which ruled us for 200 years making this statement with no second thoughts! It is the result of efforts of Indian leader that not only Britain but USA, Australia and every country he visits, appreciate the nation as a whole and are accepting India globally with arms wide open!

Opportunities for Indians across the globe

When the inflow of foreign exchange occurs, employment opportunities are offered to numerous skilled people. This will eradicate the unemployment for the youngest country of the world. Not only has this, with a higher rated global image, lives of Indians worldwide become easier. Who was the last politician who took care of everyone irrespective of his vote bank?

If we sum up the basic intention of the article, it is clear that Modi is working not only in the nation with equal attention but this multi-tasking Indian leader is also busy settling the deals in the best interest of the country across the borders. Have faith people, we are back on the way to be world superpower, again!


  1. No matter how much of the criticism has been drawn by the foreign trips of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but his achievements from same are a big slap in the face of the haters. We all are well acquainted with the rock shows at USA, UK, Australia and many other countries. This has made India a first choice for the trade and investment for the entire world. The acceptance of India have increased abroad and the Indians are seen with more dignity!


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