What do the struggling days of entrepreneurship teach you?

The life is a lesson and the students are required to learn a new thing every day. The experiences, events and the happenings of the life are a great teacher and something that can teach more than the books do! With the change of the time, the evolution has led to the entrepreneurs hitting the market with more confidence. They make the best of the opportunities thrown at them and take things handily. In this course of initiating a start up and becoming a successful entrepreneur, there are a lot of things those struggling days teach you.

struggling days of Startup and entrepreneurship

Let us see what are the lessons bestowed upon you during your early days of business minded exposure to the world! Get set to take down the notes.

‘I am broke!’

The budding entrepreneurs will easily connect with this idea. The idea of startup can never be initiated without any funding and in the initial days, no one trusts you with their money. Making the investment yourself, you will reach a situation where ‘I am broke’ are your ultimate words. This will teach you to manage the money in your hand and to sustain with least possible resources.


It is your battle! More you fight it, earlier it ends. The idea is clear; startup is nothing less than a risk. A promise, which you make to yourself and thus you have to work, A LOT! These days will make you workaholic to an extent that you will learn to make the best of your time, no matter what. This is surely going to help you in a long run.

Time management

Initial days are more of a smart work than the hard work. These smart times will make you manage even the petty crisis efficiently. This will make you a master of the time management and in a long run, you will develop farsightedness. These days will ensure that you learn to make the best of each and every moment of the day, you can.

Risk taking ability

Startup is actually a path without destination and if you are able to attain success; it is a journey, not a destination. In this journey, you can never analyze the challenges involved. Thus, you will develop a taste to take up the hardest risks. Thanks to these days, if you take them in hand, you know that you are going to make the ends meet. I am sure many of you will agree with this taste!


Over the time, you will be rid of the fears. You will be a fearless beast who is not afraid to be on the top with all the luxury or at the bottom with least resources. It is this confidence that you develop which helps you to gain a faith in the life you that lays ahead you. This confidence will make you a true winner and let you stand out of the crowd, always!

The idea of entrepreneurship is something that will take a large amount of the investments. The investments may be time, money and, maybe, all of what you have. But the major perk is, you learn. You learn to live. You learn to make the best of all of what you have.

Go ahead, take a risk and rule the world, on your conditions!


  1. The struggle is inevitable! No pains no gains and thus it is necessary that any person aiming to hit big witnesses a transition from low to high.
    The feeling of being broke makes you realize the importance of every single penny you make. The times when your friends become your ultimate savior is where you will love life more than you ever loved people.
    That rare moment which tests your patience will help you realize that you are just the slave in the hands of the destiny and all you are required is to maintain a balance between your credit nd debit.


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