What does the youth expect from the society?

The youth has often been considered different from the general society. The reason for this may be the difference in the thinking or in the way the youth reacts to situations and takes decisions. The youth of today is a perfect example of the modern generation which doesn’t shy away from taking bold decisions, the youth is on its way to shape India’s future in a way that will seem modern and advanced to the rest of the world. The youth is here to change the image of India in the eyes of the rest of the world, the youth is here to prove that India can be as modern and advanced as any of the other countries, and soon it will be one country where the people would have seen the past and will be a part of the glorious future.

Indian Youth

It may sound all glamorous to be looking forward to a comparatively more modern future of our country, but it is exactly this reason which has brought a bad name to the youth of today. They are called crazy and westernized. The society often fails to understand the importance of moving with time and when the youth pushes the country to do so, there is major disagreement which often rules out in the favor of the rest of the society.

Understanding – The youth expects the society to understand their point of view and actions. It is quite easy to tell somebody they are wrong outright, what is difficult is to step into their shoes and see the world from their perspective. The youth demands patience from the society so that they are able to accomplish what they have set out to, they just want the society to reserve their comment for later. And once the youth has achieved their goals, they will be open to criticism like all ethical revolutionaries.

The benefit of the doubt – They are new, inexperienced, and what they’re trying to do is not an easy job. At this point, one thing that could take the person away from his/her goal would be constant criticism. The world needs to understand that bringing in the change is not an easy job, it will take a lot of time and even more effort and doing so will require cooperation of the entire country. Give them the benefit of the doubt when they go wrong once in a while, give them the space to make mistakes, learn and move past them.

A little bit of support – The youth could certainly use a little bit of support. So far, the youth has been judged on every small thing that they do. Their sexuality, their ideas, their opinions, their religion, their dress sense, everything is up for debate and this can be quite disturbing, but the youth chooses to ignore it all in order to remain focused. Try and support them for a change, support their choices and their ideas and see how they grow and help the country become a global superpower.

Embrace the change – The entire exercise becomes a total waste if the society is not willing to embrace the change and the revolution that the youth is trying to bring. The change will affect the entire country, it is for the good of the country, its current population and its future generations, and this selfless act of bringing in a change should be appreciated and supported.

Sometimes people wonder why there is such a huge gap between the youth and the rest of the nation? Why is it that whatever the youth tries to do, becomes the hot topic of discussion on every news channel, every breakfast table, every coffee chat? The youth is only asking you to cut them some slack and wait and watch how the country changes for the better. The society needs to realize that the youth is actually trying to do something that is their duty also, the youth is only taking the burden off their shoulders.

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  1. There are no second thoughts to the fact that Indian youth is most misunderstood in the entire world. Ignored by the place and considered inefficient by the society, we are not taken seriously.
    It is for everyone in the society to understand that the youth is very well acquainted with the right and wrong. All that we need is the support, affection and a guidance. If the society and youngsters work hand in hand, India is bound to see new heights of glory.


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