What does young India expect from the Government

The young India is not very different from the rest of us, they may seem to have a different mindset or different choices, but I believe that all young people are the same. They want freedom, development, exciting jobs and even more exciting packages, they want a good education and they want safety, they want a corruption free country and they want to be proud of being an Indian. The government can very easily meet all these demands if it does one thing – work! The youth has often expressed their concerns but nobody seems to care about them, and that is why they have resorted to rebellious actions.


Quality Education – Nobody would ever say that this demand is something totally unnecessary. The need of the hour and they only thing which could possibly change the future of our country is the education that is being imparted to the young ones. The younger generation has great potential but if not handled properly that potential can go waste and in order to avoid that, we need to change the way we are teaching the kids. Vocational training, field visits, practical learning and excellent education all combine together to make the future leaders successful.

Employment – Being a politician is not the only thing that can change the country, we need enough entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, teachers and other people who can make sure the balance is maintained and the inflow in each field is equal. For this to happen, the government needs to ensure there are proper employment opportunities for the youth. There are so many deserving candidates who have to sit at home due to unavailability of jobs or opportunities. The rural youth is also suffering because of the same reason.

Transparency in governance – We the people of the country should know what is actually happening. We pay the taxes and we should know where the money is going, we should know the reality of our economy, only then would we be able to contribute effectively. The country is ours and no matter how bad the situation is, it should be conveyed so that we could fight it together.

Rules are for everyone – Either there are no rules, or there are too many rules. The procedures and rules are not helping anybody and the government, the police officials and the bureaucrats seem to be ignorant towards the rules. The youth wants uniformity in the application of rules. Either everybody, regardless of their class or designation, obeys the rules, or the rules should be discarded. We are not the generation which continues living in oblivion while only the officers enjoy their rights.

Safety and Protection – The country as a whole needs protection, the women walking on the roads need protection, the men being blamed for the bad status of women in the society need protection, the consumers need protection from the sellers, and the employees need protection from their employers. Let’s try and make things fair so that it is a win win situation for both the sides. It is not impossible, it has been happening in other countries, we just need to get rid of debauchery, corruption and the sick mentality.

The youth, though very capable of bringing about the change themselves, is trying to push the government to bring these reforms because they want to make the government work for what it promised. We want to see a better country and we are not willing to live another 50 years in darkness to wait for the light to come and brighten our lives.

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  1. Young India is highly hopeful from its new government. We are not the ones who will keep cribbing and blame government about everything and anything! We need a fair and unbiased environment where we are not ready to tolerate any malpractices. We have the talent, ability and the skill to create on the canvas of the sky. All we want from our government is to create a business friendly environment. To ensure rest is our job for this country.


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