What Effect Does Media Have on Youth?

The statement won’t be an understatement if I state that we all have turned out to be a ‘slave to media’. Look around and you would understand, right from gathering news that is lurking around the world to enjoying the weekend with our favorite television premieres, be it spreading awareness or inculcating education, whether it is shaping up opinions or drawing conclusions – print, broadcast and new media has in a became an integral parts of our lives. No doubts we are largely affected through the comments and concerns of media but what are the different ways in which the younger generation of the era is effected by media?

Shaping up the opinion There is no doubting saying that media these days is catering to views. Be it supporting Sunny Leone or standing against her, be it analysing Modi’s move or Barrack Obama’s tweets. Media is largely playing its role in shaping the opinions without thrusting them upon us and yet influencing to an extent.

Educating The unknown facts and stories that are unknown to common population opens up due to media coverage. Educating youth is significant and media is doing a commendable job in spreading awareness and bringing out one of the inspiring stories from the global front.

Inclination towards politics Especially in the times of election, media has a large contribution in inclining the youth towards politics. The constant analysis of trends, appealing towards the voting rights, discussions about various political parties has taken politics in the mindset of youth to another level. Due to the constant exposure youth has gained a better understanding towards political scenario of the country.

Knowing the global front Media has a wider reach and this reach has leaded it at a global level. Today media is sprawling globally and due to that even the viewers are getting their global exposure. Media is basically acting as a channel between the youth and the world out there. The trends that are ongoing on the global front are known by youth sitting in their home through the medium Called media.

Voice of youth Media has in a way given voice to the younger crowd of the generation. Especially with social media by everyone’s finger tips no opinion, views or perception goes unheard. The best part is that, media has taught how to take a stand and raise the voice against unjust.

Opportunities – As media is spreading across, there are newer opportunities knocking the doors. Youngsters are getting opportunities to showcase their talent and abilities. This has leaded the youngsters in knowing their own worth, recognizing their capabilities and finding out ways to follow them. In a way, this whole scenario has made them self conscious.

Media has left no stone unturned in influencing the youth. The effect could be negative and positive both however; it largely depends upon the perception of an individual. Media is present everywhere, no matter what we do, where we are and where do we go. The youth has began understanding the situations based on media conclusions.

The voiceless has got voices, The silence is being heard in noises.

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  1. Dismayed to pinpoint but media is having a lot of negative effect on our youth in the current times. The biased media and the political vendetta must be blamed for this. In a situation where a wide outreach must trigger a sense of responsibility in our media houses, they are busy fulfilling the motives of their political masters. Apart from politics, the Bollywood and the social media, both have certain unavoidable effects on the youth of my country.


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