What if Indian parliament see all the members below the age of 45?

If Abraham Lincoln is to be believed, the democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people! If we apply these words of an American President in Indian context, the country with the largest population of the young brigade in the house certainly needs young people in the parliament!


People of same age group share common interests and the ambitions as well. To fulfil the same, we need representatives of equal compatibility!  This article will present a scenario, ‘What if all the Indian parliamentarians are below the age of 45?’


Adaptation of technology

The way social media and the internet impacted the recent elections in the country; technology is further going to acquire the ways of governance. They people below the age of 45 have actually been the witness of this evolution. They are acquainted with the technical aspects better than the previous generation of the leaders. Electing them to the parliament, we are getting the leaders who exactly live like we do.

A feeling of belongingness

Seeing the people same as our age group with whom we have mentally tuned brains with, a sense of belongingness acquires us. When we see the people similar to us, the ones whom we grew up with in the power and responsible in forming the policies for the future, it is not them but we who win as a community. Also, this serves as a motivation to work better in the interest of the nation.

Efficient youth policies

We cannot blame the existing set of people for the failed youth policies for the time evolved and they have no or less understanding of the young India. It is believed that we become what we feel and what we see! In this vow, the younger people have more experience of the challenges faced by their fellow youth and countrymen. This will give us a better set of the policies to deal with young India.

Long term assurance

If you are to win, you either start early or you start smart! There is no doubt how smart the young Indians are! But if we elect them at an early age, we are providing them with an opportunity to test their limits and patience. When we offer them with this chance, we are actually putting them to go through what it takes to run a country. This will help the country in a long term and help us achieve the aim of being the world leaders.

Goodbye to boring clothes

I am sure I am not the only one who is sick of watching the same set of white kurta pyjama dressed politicians. The logic of the same set of clothes over the years is still undiscovered while the practice continues. If the comfort level is one of the reasons, I am afraid good looking clothes can be equally comfortable. If we see all the politicians below the age of 45, keeping exceptions aside, we will at least get rid of the boring clothes of our parliamentarians.


  1. Youth is the future of this country and this is where I really liked this idea. Having all the parliamentarians of the age of 45 or below will rejuvenate the parliament with a fresh energy. However, it is still appreciated to have certain oldies in the house. This will balance the energy and the experience in equal terms. A fair system where the youth will be heard and discussed more than ever before is where why need more such people.


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