What Independence means to the youth of today

There have often been debates and discussions on the freedom status of our country. The citizens feel that they aren’t free from the shackles of the society. Freedom is a very subjective term and hence every person comes up with their own definition. Not all the people can feel free under the same circumstances, but the blanket meaning of the term is to be able to do what honorable citizens of a country would want to do. The current situation is such that the people of the country are not very satisfied with their level of freedom. The reasons for this dissatisfaction could be many like – crime, corruption, gender inequality and various other things which help one person but suppress the rest of the nation.


Freedom of choice – Freedom to the youth means being able to choose exactly what they want to do without thinking about the consequences. Going out late in the night or going for a run early in the morning, not all the citizens can enjoy this freedom in certain cities of the country. Other than that the choices that a woman makes or the choices that a man makes should not be the basis of judging the kind of people they are. They have a life and they are free to choose¬ how to lead it.

Living without fear – To be free is to be fearless. Why should the country be living by the rape schedule? Why should the men be scared of the responsibilities the society throws on their shoulders? Why should women think twice before befriending a male? From travelling in taxis to choosing the government, the citizens should be able to live their life without fear.

Not facing bans on everything – Banning everything that the government finds, inappropriate for the citizens of the country, without even consulting them, is not what the youth calls freedom. We are all adults, proper discretion can be exercised while viewing media and other things. Banning documentaries and movies will not help the country grow, making the population used to the fact that not everything in the world is not made according to their taste will.

Being accepted – Being accepted by the society and the people around you is another form of freedom for the youth. There are a million people who don’t support the youth and dismiss them saying that they are under the western influence or that they aren’t old enough to make choices for themselves. Both these notions are utterly wrong and the youth wants to break away from them. Their choice of a partner, the work they want to do, the kind of country they want to live in, these all are a part of their rights and they should be denied those things.

Being comfortable in your skin – To be free is to be confident, to be sure of yourself and to be at a place where you are proud to be just you. The world may have a different opinion and that should not matter. There is this image that the Indians are expected to protect, where you have to prove that you are worthy of being called an Indian. Why should anybody have to do that? Why should anybody have to prove that they love their motherland, their country?

Freedom may be a very subjective term, but everybody in this country deserves to feel free. Why should the youth feel alienated in their own country, on their own soil. When we say that the youth is the future of the country and that we expect a lot from, we should also be aware of what all we are providing for them and what has been denied to them straight away. The country instead of becoming progressive, is becoming regressive by the day and only one generation, the youth, will be alive to bear the consequences of it.

Image Source : greenjaydeep.tumblr.com Pic courtesy: ABP in Balurghat, WB.


  1. Indian youth has a different perspective on every topic. A perception of its own, it sees independence from a different angle as well. To be bound is not us and thus, we refuse to tolerate any barriers and the bans. To live without fear and prosper in the name of the country irrespective of the caste, colour, creed and gender is what independence is to us! Our idea of independence is to adapt and live.


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