What makes Indian army the best in the world?

Indian Army! Just the name of the Indian army is enough to fill every Indian with a sense of respect, honor and pride. One of the largest serving forces in the world, Indian army is the reason in itself for any Indian to boast about. Be it building the highest bridge in the world in Laddakh or being largest in numbers of the infantry soldiers, our army is synonyms of valour and valiant nature. Let us have a look at a few of the many reasons that stand tall in claiming our army to be the best in the world.


Siachen to Thar, we guard on the toughest grounds!

The geography of the Indian subcontinent is known to all. If we talk about India in particular, we have the sea, hills, snow-capped mountains, desert and adding to the poor plight are external factors. Currently, Indian army is in-charge of the highest army war base in the world, Siachen. Here the temperature drops up to fifty degrees lower than nil in the peak winters. When this was seemingly enough to let a shiver run down your spine, let me introduce you to the heat waves of Thar Desert. With 50 degrees temperature in extreme summer, the borders in this region are further a no easy nut to crack!

Operation Surya Hope

Indian army is reputed not just for guarding the borders but also helping the nation as and when required internally. Be it the floods, earthquake or any natural calamity, our soldiers are always on their toes for their country and countrymen. Let me take you people back to 2013 when Uttarakhand saw massive flash floods. Operation Surya Hope, among the largest rescue of armed forces, ever was successfully executed by our army men. If we listen to the people who were rescued from there, they went to look for god; they actually find god in the faces of eminent Indian army men. This spirit to sacrifice their lives for the country and fellow countrymen makes Indian army different from its counterparts.

Not just the strength but strategy

Indian army made Pakistan to surrender and captured 90000 prisoners of war in 1971. It was first time ever after the World War II that any battle saw this huge number of POWs. This proves the capabilities of the strategic think tank of Indian army and why it stands out of all the guarding forces in the world. This also takes us back to the battles of Kargil, Sino-India war, Longewala post incident where 120 Indian men guarded the post against 2000 Pakistani soldiers and their 45 tanks. Many more incidents where the finest brains of India presented the extraordinary skills to cope with the situation in least possible time!

Military Engineering Services (MES)

One of the largest construction companies in India, MES is an asset to the nation which enjoys a status for the recommendable jobs in construction in the most unexpected places. One such example is the highest bridge in the world, the Bailey bridge. Located in the Laddakh valley of the Himalayan Mountains between the Suru and the Dras rivers, it was built in 1982 by Indian army. MES is responsible for the constructions in relation to army. This is important to minimize the vulnerability in terms of security and finances.

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  1. Indian army is known for scaling the impossible ventures and serving in the toughest geographical conditions of the world. Set up in regiments, the army men are the most respected people in the world. House of the bravest men, best of the doctors and the engineers in the country. Indian army have presented many courageous acts of valour at home and abroad. I find this article doing a great justice to the brave sons of mother India.


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