What to Wear To a Job Interview

After you have cleared those gruesome written tests and toiled through the GDs, it all comes down to the final round of personal interviews. To dress correctly for an interview is an art very few can excel. It’s not just the interview that is intriguing, what to wear to an interview is a huge task in itself.


To help you figure out the tricky part of dressing for an interview, we bring to you six tips to properly dress for a job interview :

Keep It Simple

Elegance is the key to dressing for any official interview. Finding an outfit that complements your profession and is sober yet stylish, is what an interviewer looks for. Clothes should make you feel comfortable and shouldn’t be on the fussier side.

Pro Tip: NEVER wear anything that you have problem carrying. For example, if you aren’t a heels person, your job interview isn’t the place for experiments. Go with office sandals or flats instead.

Natural is the way to go

There is nothing worse than unkempt hair in an interview; but over decorated hairdos are a big no either. The same goes with makeup, you have to keep it effortless and natural.

Pro Tip: Always put on makeup and style your hair simply but something isn’t very casual. The effort you put in the appearance is an indicator that you are professional with your approach.

Pay attention to details

Scruffy collar or a stain on the sleeves; nothing goes unnoticed in an interview. Make sure your outfit is well planned and is washed and ironed properly if you are to appear for an interview. Shoes must be properly polished too.

Pro Tip: Use a dab of perfume; preferably something that is subtle and elegant. Smelling good is yet another secret.

Get the right tie

If are planning to wear a shirt; make sure you have the right tie to go with it. A double knot tie is the ideal one; but you can always experiment with what works the best for you. Keep the colours sober and make sure that they go well with your outfit.

Pro Tip: While wearing a tie; make sure that tip of the broader end is in the same level as your beltline for that perfect look. Dark coloured ties are more preferable.

The Accessories

Belts, shoes, bags and jewellery- all must be toned down and well-coordinated. Your interviewers expect that your belts should match your shoes. Keeping the accessories minimal is the key and if you have to carry a bag, make sure it isn’t too flashy or out of sync with the rest of your getup. It is a good idea to avoid any flashy jewellery.

Pro Tip: For the belts, keep the choice of buckles very conservative. A fancy bright coloured buckle is a big no for any interview.

An interview isn’t only about how much you know; it is about how much you could put forward in a very short duration. To ace any interview, you must be presentable and come across as confident about what you represent. We hope this guide helps you dress up for an interview and make a very great first impression.


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