What’s Stopping Young India from Starting Up?

India has one of the largest student populations in the world, but then that’s unsurprising for a country home to one-sixth of the world population. What is surprising is that most of these students have a set career path from even before they enter the professional world. Most of them have long since decided that they need to get into a top college after they finish school, get good marks (only in necessary), and finally get placed into a top company with as big a pay package as possible.

In this process, they end up ignoring what is perhaps one of the most fulfilling avenues out there – Entrepreneurship.

What is it that’s stopping young Indians from starting up their own ventures and jettisoning into a new world altogether? With the many startups which have been funded recently, it is a glowing prospect, yet one which not many have the gall to pursue seriously. What are the reasons behind this?

Is it that they are afraid of the risks it entails? That the risk isn’t worth the rewards? Perchance that could be it. Or is it that they feel entrepreneurship isn’t their cup of tea? That could be another reason for the tremulous way they view it. Or maybe they feel their family or relatives would frown on it – after all, a job gives you a regular pay-check at the end of the month. As an entrepreneur who is starting up, there isn’t such any guarantee of a monthly pay-check, and familial pressure is sadly still a thing in India.

But then in the end, there’s nothing which is as fulfilling as being your own boss and starting your own venture, slowly building it and reaching lofty echelons. The likes of Uber and Ola Cabs have done that to great effect. Even Foodpanda is a startup which is doing brilliantly now. However, all of them had humble beginnings. Even Steve Jobs began Apple from the inside of a garage. If he hadn’t decided to work on his vision and get to it, there would be no Apple – the world’s biggest company in terms of its dollar value.

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Here are a few ways in which you can buck the trend and go about bringing your entrepreneurial vision to life – after all, it could be the next big thing :

Start your venture while working :

If you’re scared that your venture won’t take off, or that it is too risky to concentrate on it alone, then start your venture while your working a full-time job. Granted, it means more hard work, but it also provides a safety net in case of failure. And working on your venture won’t be as taxing as the hours put into your job simply because it’ll be yours – your brainchild, your passion – the extra effort will be sweeter, and the success will be more enjoyable.


Begin your venture with a trusted partner. Thus you’ll be dividing the work, saving time, as well as have someone to brainstorm with. It’ll also mean you get to share the burden of costs and worries and know that there’s at least one person firmly in your corner.


If you have a career and other duties which take up your time, manage it carefully. An hour or two of work a day, some hours on the weekend, take it slowly and learn as you go about building your empire. Don’t be lazy, but don’t burn yourself out either.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get started on that big idea already!


  1. One of the new tools in the market of the ideas is a startup. Many youngsters with the mind blowing ideas are coming up with many ideas that have the power to revolutionize the way we work. However, there are still many who refuse to execute their ideas. Why? Thanks to the fears and the insecurity involved in the game. No assurance of the success and financial situation is preventing the young India from starting-up!


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