When is the right time to change your career?

One question that would haunt you from the day you start earning till the day you die. The answer to this question is rather simple actually. You should change exactly when you feel like. The reason why I am calling it simple is that if a person actually thinks about changing his/her career, it means that they are not content with the work life that they have and I believe everybody should, at the end of the day, feel satisfied with what they did. There will obviously be times when you will think that you are stuck in the wrong job, but the overall feeling of working and doing something that you really like is something that will push you to do better forever.

The youth today is thought of as the most confused generation ever, we are often not happy with the kind of jobs we’re given. We perpetually ask for more – more salary, more satisfaction, more passion and even more luxury. But the reason we think we wouldn’t want to work like the older generation is because we know our worth and we know we can do whatever we wish to and that is something that gives us the strength to stop, think and change our career and hence our lives forever.


Here is how you can go about changing a career at almost any point in life –

Think – For all the risk takers who are willing to change what they don’t like and are ready to reshape their lives, it is essential that you sit and think how you want your life to look like. You cannot dodge this question forever, so the sooner you answer it, the better it will be for you. Think what, why and when, the how will follow.

Talk to people already doing what you wish to do – You need to get some exposure before you get into something wholeheartedly and this will also minimize the risks involved. Go talk to somebody who is already doing something that you wish to do, so that you know how it is really done and what is the real picture of something that seems absolutely glamorous to you.

Get contacts – You need to know the basic first few things that you will have to have in place before you quit and begin your new life. For example, before you become a writer try and get in touch with publishers and other writers. One should know the entire process of starting, working hard and getting established in the field.

Quit your job – Once you have a few people on your contact list and have a proper back up which will help you in case you’re unable to take off instantly, quit your job and start putting all the hard work and time in setting your new work. You will have to showcase your work for free, get some investors, or try and convince some of your friends and then you will see your dream coming true in front of your eyes.

Don’t relax, not yet – No, this is not the time to relax. Now is the time to put in even more effort, to make sure that you’re insured for the rest of your life. Now is the time to show your true passion. So put in every ounce of hard work and your brains and let the world see the glory of doing exactly what you wish to do.

Each one of us deserves a chance to do exactly what they think they’re made to. So when you make certain choices in life make sure you are up for them and the results will always be in your favor. Also, don’t forget, it is never too late to change your profession and start living your dream life.


  1. Changing career midway is not an easy task to take upon, honestly! Not everyone is daring enough to risk the life career at a point of say 30-35 years of age. But then, you need to take a step when necessary. In my opinion, one must strive to change career when one is financially secured. You are not going to start from where you left, to be straight! Thus, having a little financial security followed by a better piece of advice can help you a lot in this course.


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