How can students make money while traveling?

One of the fast emerging careers in the tourism and the travel industry is that of a traveler. Many youngsters are giving up on their corporate high paying jobs just to quench their thirst of the wanderlust.  I am sure you will admit that for once if you get to be in their shoes, you would never mind going places leaving behind all those boring 9-5 jobs. One of the questions that pop up in the head of any individual looking at the social accounts of such people is, how are they funding themselves for all the travel ventures? To answer your query, here we bring different ways to make money as you travel. Who knows maybe you derive inspiration from here and are the next Global Citizen?
Have a look at the ways and see if you have the following skills and opportunities to finance your travel expenses?


One of the most popular ways to make money on the go! Just write what you found and express your experience. Blogging is one of those means that perfectly suits a writer-traveler. Once you are able to manage a fair traffic on your blog and after a certain duration of time, you are able to monetize the same. This can be through the guest postings, back links, advertisements and many similar activities. The more traffic you get, the more you are paid! Sounds like a game, no?

Social Media

One of the most powerful tools to market yourself and generate the traffic for your blog, social media can be developed for your monetary benefits as well. The travellers are one of the most respected and followed people on the social media. If you are having the right strategy to back you, you can develop your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and many similar platforms from the commercial point of view. If nothing else, this will serve as a source of organic traffic to your blog!

Online Tutoring/ Guest Lectures

Many online platforms offer online tutorials and the guest lectures to the people around the world. This can be either the language or even the expert subjects. If you think you can manage to deliver the lectures for Global languages like English or any expert subject, this is where you must turn to!


Freelancing has evolved as a source of regular income for many people across the world. If you think maintaining a blog is tedious and that you are failing in generating the traffic, turn to freelancing. Put your experiences around the world in words and sell them to different online portals. Also, if you are maintaining a folder of the pictures of all your ventures, it is the time that you release them. You got me right, freelancing photography is just the thing I am talking about!

Travel Associations

One of the latest trending marketing tactics in the business, travel associations have a great power to sponsor or fund your trips. If you are one of those social media celebrity travelers, you are the apple of the eyes of such agencies by default. All you are required is to promote their brand on your social accounts and provide a few backlinks from your blog. If you sign a long term contract, you are eligible to exercise perks like the travel sponsors, merchandise and you never know what else is in the pack!


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