Why are we failing to produce world class engineers?

Having a vast number of the government and private engineering colleges, the stats of the India engineers professionally are not very appealing! Blame it on anything but the harsh reality is despite investing huge sums of funds, Indian education system is failing to produce world class engineers. Why? What is that despite having numerous engineering colleges, Indians are unable to compete with the world when it comes to the international contest? Here are the blunt and brutally honest reasons:

Commercialization of education

The business minds, corporate culture and the HR heads have changed the way of learning. The education system is slowly being dethroned by the corporate type culture. No, corporate culture is not a harm but the game played in its identity can prove alarming. Today, the main aim of everyone indulged in an engineering college is to make the money. Most of the professors are looking to extract handsome salaries and impart no or little wisdom to the younger ones.

We become engineers first and then figure out life!

This phrase is enough to describe the India’s poor performance in the production of the elite engineers. Hunted by the peer pressure or being forced upon by the parents, students join engineering colleges. But the life is not a cakewalk beyond this point! Little interest already and unable to figure out the trauma, our students fails. Not every engineering graduate makes the use of their degrees for national betterment. This why it is said, an engineering college in India can expose you to a talent which can be anything but an engineer! We tend to grab a sheet of paper called degree before we turn to make a living.

No practical knowledge

Okay! I may offend a lot of people on this note but the truth stays intact! Ask any industry expert or the HR department and you will gather how much efforts are done post graduation to create industry-ready employees. Apart from it, we all know how the labs in any engineering college are carried out. How the practical examination are nothing but a formality! Not only this, the industry projects and the internships are again not pursued as seriously as they must have been. This casualty mars the spirit of the creation of a professional who have that zeal to make or break things.

Wrong investment and the brain drain

All the government education institutes are providing education at hugely subsidized rates. Trends predict that most of these people are the brilliant brains of the country who are actually the engineering heads. However, lack of opportunities in the country compatible to their mindset forces them to settle abroad.

What actually happened is, India invested in them and in return got ditched! One, we failed at investing in the right people and second the brain drain to serve others stabbed us in our chest. This money could have been invested in the needy students who are ready to work for the nation.

Poor faculties

I can not end this up without mentioning the poor faculties in our engineering colleges. At the rate with which Indian colleges are hitting the market, the mass hiring concept is ultimately damaging the Indian engineering world. Incapable or inefficient people fail to transmit the right to the youngsters.

If this was it, things could have still been resolved. But the fact that students are reluctant to their education because of many reasons is also a reason why we lack in the production of world-class engineers.


  1. Indis is said to have the most number of the engineering colleges in the world. Ideally, this must have resulted in producing a large number of the skilled engineers who are a global product. However, this is not the clear case. Blame it on the outdated syllabus or the poor faculties, lack of interest or the peer pressure, India has failed in the production of the quality engineers


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