Why do girls tend to have more anxiety than boys?

A Girl is born in a world of anxiety. A girl has to look good; has to wear good; has to talk good; has to be good, huff, there is no end to what a girl has to or not has to be. Even then will the society condemn her for what she could have been! She is scrutinized and judged all the time. Why will she not be more anxious than boys? Read on to understand this widespread phenomenon more!

Boy Girl anxiety

Weigh and Watch

A girl has to always be careful about her weight. How much is she weighing on the weighing scale is always on her mind! She has to watch what she eats and drinks and how much she eats and drinks.

If she is fat, then people wonder why is she fat; if she is skinny, then why is she skinny. She is caught up and pressurized under the society’s expectations from her. Whereas, the society is much lenient with boys. They do not have to over-burden themselves thinking about these things. Hence, goes #01 reason why girls have more anxiety than boys.

The Clothes Saga

It seems what a girl wears will never be appropriate for the society. If she wears too many clothes, then she is perceived as orthodox; if she wears less clothes, then she is too wrong for the society; if she is dressed up normally, then she probably does not know how to dress up. She is judged all the time based on something as superficial as clothes! She is continuously anxious about what to wear.

Men, on the other hand, can dress up the way they want to and they will be spared all the judgement!

“We can’t go there!”

Whenever a girl wants to go to a place, she has to think about two aspects: she has to think about the clothes she will wear and the place she has to go to. “Is the place safe to go to?” she asks. Even then, she has to be careful wherever she goes and has to return on time.

Boys have to never ask that question. They roam freely and happily wherever and whenever they want to.

Forming Friendships

When a girl has a lot of male friends, she is labelled as someone of a loose character. When she has a lot of girlfriends, she is labelled

as a boring and unadventurous girl, probably even narrow-minded. Girls are judged so much on the basis of the friendships they form. Are boys ever judged on those basis? Girls have to be careful even regarding their public image formed due to their friendships!

Choosing the One

When choosing a life partner, a girl has to undergo a lot of anxiety. It is sad and true that a girl is often objectified by her other half. She has to ensure that the person actually loves her for who she is and not for the way she looks! Is there an empirical test for that?



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