Why does Indian youth not want to go into politics?

We have a future in probably every field there has ever been, there are so many people who want to be pilots, journalists, filmmakers, and techies. Ever thought why are there no future politicians? Why there are no future Prime Ministers and Presidents? What is it that is holding the youth back from venturing into this particular field?

Lack of money – The basic aim of a person who is looking for employment or to make a career in some field is the need of money to sustain a particular kind of a lifestyle. The youth are getting offered such great opportunities and packages in various fields that joining the politics might not even be the last thing on their mind. Who wants to work hard to to earn so little?

The limelight – There is just too much brouhaha attached to politics. Whatever you do, you always have people watching you, people who are waiting to just pick on you, the media, which wants to scrutinize your actions and come up with 10 different explanations and the rest of the world who will think that no matter what you do, you have an ulterior motive behind it.

Zero motivation – Exactly what is it that is motivating them currently to join the politics? Nothing, right? Seems like we can’t blame them either. People try and look for jobs that they would love doing, the current state of Indian politics is such that the youth try to stay 100 feet away from it. They just do not like the political scenario, forget loving it enough to jump on the bandwagon.

People to back you – You need solid backing to become a strong politician, I am talking about manpower. You need people who support you with everything they have, people who are ready to take risks for you and people who believe in you more than they believe in their God. I am sorry to say this, but for the youth today, this is way too much to ask for.

Are they visionaries? – I am not sure either, the youth has brilliant ideas, but only for themselves. Yes, they often come up with things which need to change in the nation, but let’s face it, how many of those are well thought through? Barely any. This may be another reason why youth is not ready to step into the unknown zone of having a vision for a country and its population of 1.28 billion.

A politician in the making – Young people cannot just jump in there and make people do things which may or may not be the best for their future. One needs to be trained since an early stage, the thoughts need to be imbibed and the youth should be able to feel that politics is not something that is beyond limits.

Let’s Change their Mindset!

We can try and help the youth in changing their mindset, here is how-

1. Let’s prepare the youth or at least tell them that politics is their own, this country is their own, we need the leaders of tomorrow, we need people today to run their own country. You live in a democracy, feel like it.

2. We need to motivate the youth, highlight the good points for them. Let them feel that taking politics up as a career is not that bad a deal.

3. There is a major part of the youth which is not interested in earning money anyway, push that part to join the politics because not having too much money is least of their worries anyway.

4. Tell the youth how strong they are and if they use their thoughts and wisdom to run the country, this country can become a powerful one.

5. Last but not the least, make the youth feel empowered, let them feel that they can change the scenarios, people, and the prevailing situation. Corruption is not AIDS, it can be tackled.

The youth is a lot of things, but obstinate. Let’s use this as an opportunity to show them a way into politics. And let’s all hail the great heroes of the future!


  1. Politics is a bad man’s game! This quote works impressively in the name of Indian politics. The dirty game involved keeps the right efficient people away from the business. It is not for everyone to indulge in petty politics, inappropriate discussions and the radical environment. Also, the life security in terms of finance is lacking. It is also a prominent reason why the middle class keeps itself away from politics.


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