Why India needs Swami Vivekananda now?

If I am allowed to derive an analogy and compare this entire world with a holy town, India is certainly the temple of this city! A country which gave the spiritual lessons to the world in the forms of Vedas, Upanishads and scriptures have all the rights to be the moral and divine nucleus of the sphere.

Since every ecclesiastic body is to be under the direct aegis of a pastor. There you got me! Swami Vivekananda. The clergyman of this beautiful shrine and as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose claimed him to be, “Maker of Modern India”. A prudent man with a vast intellect compelled entire world to think about what India thinks? What is that we, the young India, needs Swamiji today more than ever before? What made this man a remarkable youth icon in just a short lifetime of just 39 years?


Born to a Bengali couple, Narendranath Dutta took a huge leap when he met his guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa for the first time. Batting on the pitch of nation building, he wanted to score on the points of Vedas. His idea was to embark a moral kingdom on the grounds of Vedas and build a nation none dares to attack!

If India needs its son more than ever before, the reason lies in the mere existence of this man and his thoughts.

“Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached”

Having a no place for the paradoxical, Swamiji had a message for all. To him, the failure was a lesson and to learn from it was his motto. We need to instill a sense of stability and a stubborn creek to achieve what they will in our youngsters. A never say a no spirit and to brawl till you make it is what it is!

“We need a young generation of iron muscles and steel nerves”

The message says it all! No nation can make it to the pinnacle without the resilience of its youth. On a hand, Swami Vivekananda aspired to infuse the Vedic immunization and on the other, he urged the youth to empower themselves in order to win even the Herculean battles. In short, the preachings of the ancient scriptures and the healthy body, one must possess both to ascend the world!

“Service to humanity is the greatest form of worship”

If this “Hurricane Hindu” rocked the world religion parliament with his ideology on India and Hinduism, he still kept humanity above all the religions. No doubt that secular is a mention in the preamble of the constitution but somehow nation failed to integrate the essence of the term. This is where Swami Vivekananda gave an easy solution. Turn to humanity! Respect life much before you look out for the religious marks in any human being.

It can be only done by a man of his prudence that when political issues and media reports revolve around the secularism, crony capitalism, and an alien socialism in today’s date, he proposed solutions to all of them years ago!

I am not suspicious of the indigenous talent and the patriotism which flows in the blood of the youngsters of this nation. But the fire may turn treacherous if not controlled. Travelers may fail if directed wrong. Force may work against the will if not exposed against the doom.

This is why India needs Swami Vivekananda more than ever before! To check that energy to make India, to direct the travelers on the right path, to enable the force to sanction national interest.

But the point is, god call back his favorite people quite early. He left us at a young age of 39. What now?

Look inside you! You can accommodate more than you think. You represent the change, the dream Swamiji saw for this country.


  1. “My dear brother and sisters of USA….”
    An Indian sage rocked the religion parliament ages ago! I feel, his ideas on romance, nation, strength and many other fields are an example for the present day youth. A dynamic leader and a man of his words, Swami Vivekananda is needed by India today more than ever before. Even if we proceed to on the ideology presented by him in present world, nation is going to be on top soon!


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