Why Internships are important

Are you the one who has a good CGPA on the paper and have the zeal to crack every interview you appear? Your cover letter speaks high and is on point but still you fail to grab a placement when it comes to the job offer? Well, This is why you need to add the internships to your CV. Paid or unpaid, Let us take a look at the broader perspectives of the importance of the internships in your career:

Industry experience

No matter how well you do in your studies and how recognized you are on your college campus for all your co-curricular and the extracurricular activities, industry will still demand you to fit in their structure. To have an exposure of this corporate culture and to be acquainted well with the industry etiquette, you need to be on their platform as an intern! It will enhance your skills and will help you execute the professional lessons you had on paper and not in practical. Industry experts say, “the students are still in the campus mode even after the completion of the graduation. To overcome this and to mould self as per the norms of the industry, it is mandatory for them to have frequent industry visits. Internships are a progress to achieve the same motive!”‘

Networking opportunities with the industry people

To be successful at any job and in any field you opt for, it is essential to have a strong network! Networking is an art which of course is not well versed with anyone and everyone. However, many people who have this art still fail to network with the right mediators on their way! Why? They fail to cross the paths of the required people and hence fail to impress them.

Now, how are you supposed to be on balancing terms with the individual who have a hold in their field and can provide you with a base to climb stair of success? You need to be an intern with them! This is one the most important reason why the internships are important!

It builds your confidence

One of the transition phases is when you enter the office leaving behind the gates of your college campus. It is a general human psychology to resist the change and this is where you need the confidence to bat for you! Now, an intern is a person who is somewhere between the employee and the student. Once you have completed your internships and are well front with the know-hows of the related industry, you gain confidence more than anything else. It is this confidence that will help you combat the challenges of your professional life. In an order to gain this confidence for a better future fro yourself, internships are important.

Internship today, job tomorrow!

The message is loud and clear. Search a little and you can easily find numerous stories about the people who made it huge in the same company where they interned from once! How? Your skills need a stage and it is this stage that is being offered to you by the industry internship. If you are capable enough and are successful in impressing the HR with your skills, you never know maybe you are hired and relieved of the worries of seeking placements!

Take our vote and make sure that you are doing it right. Do not hesitate to step out of your comfort box and step into the industry for making your own fortune in the form of the internships, today!


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