Why it is hard for bachelor’s to rent a place in India?

“Hello sir, do you have a room for rent?” Either you or one of your friends definitely would have asked this question if you are living or lived out of town or state for studying. Finding the room for rent and that too for a bachelor has become a harder task then taking the admission in collages itself. True isn’t it? Roaming in to the streets of unknown town and looking for a room to live that is how nowadays many bachelors waste most of their time now, gone are the days when bachelorhood was considered to be the best time of life, without a roof over head in an unknown town, the same golden time becomes the greatest nightmare. But what exactly is the problem here? Why people are not willing to give room to the bachelors on rent?  Why it is hard for bachelor’s to rent a place in India?

The bitter reality is that changing time has also brought the fear of unknown with it in to the heart of people, the increasing violence, crimes and rapes and the media showing all these stories 24×7 over news has now made people fearful of the strangers. There was a time when people used to help the strange bachelors by giving them place to live, and many times food to eat, at the end of it all, they used to live together like a family unto themselves. That trust, love and faith has got lost in to and oblivion, now only the fear of unknown happening resides in the heart of people. But is that fear really meaningless that is the question which we have to ask ourselves. It is an undeniable truth that somehow it is the fault of youth too, when they live under the roof of an unknown, there are very few boys who respect them as their family, which is actually how the person who has trusted you and given you the house to live should be treated.

The instant comeback is “Are we living in for free? No. we are paying for it and so it is our decision how we live there” well yes, you are paying the money but that does not gives you right to forget your morals and act like a lunatic, does it? The fear of people that the uncontrollable energy of a bachelor can destroy them is not something which came out suddenly, it’s a crucial problem which works more deeply, and this fear can only be overcome by assurance of good behavior and positive attitude of youth towards society. Some of the very simple things you can do to convince a person to lent you the room is that you can make them talk with your own parents, that instantly makes foundation of trust and if you really are serious about your future and carrier then there is no harm in doing that, enjoyment is just a part of being a bachelor, nobody is going to take that away from you, but the youth needs to understand that if someone is getting fearful and being hurt by their enjoyment then it is not right and something is totally wrong there. Trust is the sole driving force in such situation, and why anybody would give you a place to live if you are not trustworthy, ask this to yourself, would you give a place to a person who parties all night just above your place, doesn’t respect your parents and thinks the unthinkable about your sister, well you will probably kick him out without even hearing what he has to say. So think about this like that and with a little try this kind of problem can be overcome pretty easily.

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  1. Have we ever wondered that why bachelor is a term used in male context and when it comes to renting a house, ladies have an edge over men. This has to do a lot with the persisting environment in the country. Bachelor men are considered to be more of a trouble! Added to all this, the unacceptable habits of alcohol, parties and careless attitude makes it worse for poor male class to rent a house.


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