Why live-in relationships are hard to accept by the society?

In India it is pretty common sight, if someone is passing by a temple their heads bow down to thee with respect and love whether it is a child, an elderly or a youth. The culture and values are deep in our roots and the Indian youth is now moving towards a positive future where they are accepting it logically and rationally while denying accepting anything negative and superstition being created around it. The culture on rise today is actually an amalgamation of Indian ad western culture, Live-in relationship is not basically the culture of India, everybody is aware of that but the mentality of youth is blooming like a flower and we have a very simple reasoning to back it, that is, if two people feel compatible and harmonious while spending time with each other why can’t they live together to enjoy that time without any boundations? Well it seems pretty logical, it involves all the fun and no commitment issues, and Live-in actually brings out the true spirit of the relationship, there are lower expectation in it, total freedom and a lots of love which seems to get killed when one gets married. But let us go into the whole psych of it, what live-in really offers is the another chance at a new relationship, if the existing relationship goes sour then the couples get the freedom to talk about it freely and part their ways happily unlike marriage where there are only two option, either to endure it for the rest of your life, or to take a divorce, which becomes devastating for both the girl, the boy and both of their families.

In this regard live-in seems to be the best option. But then how come our parents are in oppose and why it has become a cultural shock for them? Well live-in relationship though sounds like the best deal, for some it left the scars for a lifetime, the mentality of youth gets twisted sometimes, you may have heard how sometimes girls and sometimes boys accuse each other of cheating, molesting and in some severe cases files the charge of raping. Our society, which according to youth mainly comprises of parents, grandparents, uncles aunts and the politicians is trying to oppose this change, but have we ever thought exactly why. Just think about it, not everybody’s parents are bitter and ridiculously fight with each other, many of them are living a fulfilling and loving life, they love each other and would die for each other and most of them met with each other through an arranged marriage which has become a kind of taboo an unpractical thing for the youth. Well as I think of it, our parents or their whole generation is far more brave then us, they took risk, they jumped in the unknown and found the love through faith and here we are playing hit and miss and searching for an ideal partner like the darkest corners of the forest longs for the rays of sun.

In addition to that, when the society says that live-in is not natural and it only brings pain at the end, at some point they are telling the truth and if we are indeed really open minded then we should not avert our eyes from that, girls as well as boys both sometimes gets molested in live-in, the freedom with it also brings some responsibility to handle it carefully, some of the youth do not take live-in relationship as a chance to find love, rather they take it as a chance to have a short term fling, is it correct to do that? Is live-in really a way where a girl and boy can live with each other, support each other emotionally and financially, and find love eventually? Or it has become a joke and just an excuse to enjoy the life and have casual sex whenever you want and hurt each other at the end of it all? Opinion differs from one person to other, but the majority always wins…..what is going to be the fate of this new trend? Only time will tell.


  1. livein for loser couple..no guts to marry…
    our parents never lived in before marriage..but marriage worked..Indians don’t need a livein because we can make our marriage work..
    livein culture is westernised loser culture

  2. Live-in relationship is one of the relatively new concepts in Indian context. We are in a society where a guy and a girl hanging out together seems to be a big deal, how do you even expect yourself to accept a live-in? We need to figure out that the change is taking a place in the society slowly yet steadily and this experiment is a part of the change. But hey! How to come out of the mentality that is concentrated around the stereotypes?


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